Sunday, June 20

Happy Father's Day!

Are we up to something nefarious?
 Probably, knowing us.

I am of the firm belief that Dad and I cannot take a normal picture together to save our lives.
But the pictures we do take end up pretty amusing to look at, eh?

Love you, Dad!
Hope you enjoyed camping!

*Oh, and btw, I'm back, If you hadn't figured that out already, lol*


  1. But you signed up for the bad boy blogfest. I was looking forward to reading your entry. Rats. Roland

  2. You guys look like you have a lot of fun together!

  3. I came over to comment on your blogfest entry but I saw these pics of you and your dad and melted. :)

  4. Roland- I posted an entry! It's just above this one =)

    Aubrie- Yep lol

    VR- Haha thanks =) Did you read my entry?

  5. Welcome back! You and your dad look like you have fun together. I hope you had an awesome Fathers Day. =o)

  6. B.E.- Lol thanks. Yeah, we tend to tease/bug each other all the time.

    Prashant- =)

  7. How sweet! ;) (Rushing over to read your blogfest!)

  8. I think you guys are cute in both the pictures :)

    Hope you had tons of fun. Lol wish my dad would take pictures with me!

  9. Elizabeth- =)

    Chlo- Haha thanks. We're both making weird faces in them. He doesn't take them often and I generally get either the deer in the headlights look or something goofy like this, lol.


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