Tuesday, June 15

The Most Inspirational Speech Ever

Okay, so rather than type out the speech (I think you need to hear it), I was going to put a video up on my blog. However, YouTube won't let me. So instead, if you click here, you can watch one of my favourite speeches from one of my favourite books/movies of all time.

Go on, click it and watch. I'll wait. It's only 2:30, so it's not very long.


Okay good, now that you've watched it, what do you think? Do you love it as much as I do? I think it's a timeless speech. And just out of curiosity, have you all seen The Lord of the Rings movies? Have you read the books?


  1. I love it. I haven't watched LOTR in such a long time. I think I need to devote a day this week to watching all three of them =]
    I never read the books, and I'm not sure if I want to after watching the movie. You know how sometimes you like a book so much you refuse to watch the movie for fear that it will shatter everything you have imagined? It's kind of like that in reverse. I love that movie and I won't be able to read the books without picturing the actors in the movie and what not.

  2. OMG I love that speech! After I saw it, I thought Sean Astin deserved an Oscar. I thought the same thing after I saw ROTK, but alas poor Sean was snubbed by the Academy.

    I own all three movies. I watch them at least once a year. I read the first book but not the rest, though my DH owns all of the them. I don't want to read the books because I like the movies too much.

  3. That speech makes me tear-up every time I see it. It's so beautiful and so true... I love the LotR movies. I read the books back in middle school before I even knew they were making movies of them. I make it a point to watch all three extended edition movies back to back at least once a year. (Usually around Christmas because that's when they came out.)

  4. I've never seen the movies or read the books - unless you count reading The Hobbit and watching the old 80s animated version of Lord of the Ring. That's a helluva good speech, though. Thanks.

    There's always some good in the world and it's always worth fighting for. I'll save the link for when I need some reminding of that fact. =o)

  5. A motivational speech indeed! Read book and seen film, loved them both.

  6. Yes...yes...yes! Great speech. I've read the books and own the DVD's of the movies. Such an awesome achievement both!!

  7. Lexa- Yeah. My mum got a big screen TV for her birthday, so when we come back from camping we're going to watch all three =) You haven't read the books? Trust me, it's worth it. It's fine that you see those actors as the characters. I do too now.

    Jennifer- Ahh yay! It's one of my all time favourites. Me too. He played Samwise so well. We watch them a lot. If anything, we just have them on in the background.

    Ruth- Yeah, I read the books when I was younger, way before I knew they were going to be made into movies. My dad read The Hobbit to me when I was a wee one =) We have all the extended movies too.

    B.E.- *gasping* WHAT? WHY HAVEN'T YOU READ THE BOOKS OR SEEN THE MOVIES? They're wonderful!

    Glynis- Yay! I'm glad you like them.

    DL- Woohoo! They are.

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