Friday, June 11

WIP Update

I guess it's a week for updates, eh?

Anywhoozles, I'm going to keep this post short and sweet. You're welcome ;)

Since last Wednesday, I have written 10,605 new words. Woot, woot! That brings my grand total up to
38,082 words! Go me, it's my birthday, gonna wriiiiite like it's my birthday. Okay, that's a complete and total lie. My birthday is in December. But whatever. You enjoyed my impromptu singing/botching of 50 Cent's "song" In Da Club. You know you did. Omg, I just realized that I was in grade 9 when that song came out. That was forever ago, wasn’t it? If you don’t know the answer to that, yes it was forever ago.

Wow, my Dad is sooo gonna have a comment about me singing a bad 50 Cent song (aren't they all bad?) on my blog. What can I say? I'm diverse in my music tastes. Not sure you can say 50 is "music" but whateves. I go to college and lived in residence for 3 years. It's hard to escape those club songs. Extremely hard to hide from them, trust me. And those songs are catchy. Damn them! Damn them and their dirty, catchy songs!

Annnnd now that I've gone off on a tangent (and given my parents-- and Christopher--enough fodder for endless teasing), I'm going to go.

See ya later dahlings =)

How are your stories going??

*I swear, I'm not drunk or anything. I'm just a wee bit too comfortable with all you guys now. Sighs. You poor dears. Pitying look*

**For those who are curious and don't know 50's song (lucky ducks), here's a link to a YouTube vid. I managed (somehow) to find one that doesn't have a dirty video attached to the music.  Go me.**


  1. I'm up, I can't sleep, and I'm gonna comment like it's mah birfday, it's mah birfday, it's mah birfday...

    Love it. Probably because I'm in the same boat you are right now (mood wise, can't sleep, perhaps a little loopy).

    Congrats on the word count! Woo! You go girl!


  2. 10,000 words is awesome.

    Keep it up.

  3. Good job. Go you. =o)

    So, 50 cent is the one who perpetrated that phrase on us. Thank god I don't know the tune, or I'd have to hunt him down. (Or is he already dead? I can never remember which rappers got cap popped in them. Or was that whacked?)

  4. I'm glad you've recovered from your writing funk. Congrats on writing all those words!

  5. You are hilarious...and a writing fool! Congrats on your magnificent progress!

  6. Wow. Over 10,000 words! That's terrific. Afraid I'm not familiar with 50's songs. Keep up the good work.

  7. Ashley- Lmao, I'm glad you got that. I was in a strange mood last night. And thank you!!

    Medeia- Thank you =)

    B.E.- Thanksssss! Ugh yes. Yes he did. LOL! No, he's still alive (I think...)

    Jennifer- Thank you!!

    EJ- Lol thanks =P

    Angie- Thank you! LOL! You're lucky, trust me. 50 Cent is...not good. We'll just saw that ;)

  8. Hey, Natalie, that medieval novel of yours sounds interesting, I adore historical books! I work as a translator, and most books I've translated so far were historical :)

  9. Dezmond- Hello! Aww thanks =) That sounds like a fun job!

  10. Loved your enthusiastic post! You keep it up, amazing number of words to write! Well done...Happy Scribbling. ;0


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