Tuesday, July 6

Everyone, Meet Evie

Everyone, I'd like you to meet Evie Ashford. She is the main character in my YA! Tina Lynn's wonderful daughter Sam drew her for me! Isn't that cool? After a ton of questions, this is what she came up with!

Evie's a cutie, isn't she? =)

Thank you Sam for drawing her for me! You did a wonderful job! And yes. Cheese IS awesome.

*Click on the picture to make it bigger*


  1. She is very talented. How fun to have a drawing of your MC. Very Nice.

  2. How awesome!!! She's definitely a cutie and how cool that you know someone who can bring her to life like that! :)

  3. Fun! Well done on the picture, Sam. And I'm so happy for you, Natalie, with all your excitement over both your current projects.

  4. VERY cool!! Great job, Sam! I'm looking forward to reading this someday...

    : D


  5. That's an adorable drawing!

    And I really like the name Evie... Of course, I'm biased... I named my daughter Evie (technically, Evelyn Michelle, but we call her Evie.)


  6. Cute character and good job on the artwork to Sam. Hurray for the new WIP. Sounds like you're excited about it. =oD

  7. Christine- I know, right? I thought it was a wonderful idea when she suggested it.

    Rhonda- I know! It was so much fun. And now I have my very own picture of Evie. I think I'm going to print if off.

    Stephanie- Thanks! I really am having so much fun.

    Hannah- Haha, yay! Suck up ;)

    Suzie- Hello! Evie's full name is Evelyn =) I adore the name.

    B.E.- Thanks!! I am. Thankfully, the medieval has not suffered at all. I'm still getting 2000 a day out + whatever I do on the YA.


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