Tuesday, July 13

*Insert Panicked Scream Here*

Okay, so I'm starting to feel a little a lot panicky. I am a planster by nature. My mind works best when I have a general outline of the next few chapters. Just enough to let me know where I'm headed. Unfortunately, I have run out of my plotted scenes. I am staring at a blank page. It's terrifying. I know all I need to do is lie down and plot out the next few chapters, but even the thought is making me freeze. I suppose it's because I need to start working towards the big climax. Then after that, I need to start tying everything up. The prospect is daunting. A lot needs to be resolved. Mistaken identities need to be revealed. Bad guys need to be bad some more. Pain and suffering needs to be handed out to my characters in multiple ways--again. Bad guys needs to be uber bad and eventually dealt with. Rejoicing needs to happen all 'round. Romance needs to be happily finished up. Then revision needs to begin.

Please. Someone shoot me now and put me out of my misery. I promise I won't haunt you.


  1. First, deep breath. It'll be okay.

    Next: Try this: Don't worry about the whole rest of the book. Just focus on the next scene. Ask yourself some questions. What do your characters need to do to move the story forward? What does this scene need to resolve? If it's not resolving anything, what tension is it adding?

    If you're still stuck, take Daisy for a walk, eat a piece of cheesecake, read for pleasure... Maybe after some heavy duty relaxing, the words will come.

    Hang in there, hon. =o)

  2. *hugs*

    It'll all be okay. I'm feeling similar panicked thoughts over my current projects.

    Relax, do something completely not writing-related, and then attack it all with fresh eyes.

  3. I always feel overwhelmed when I think of my WIP as one big book. I feel less panicked when I focus on just one scene. If you stick to thinking only about one scene at a time, I'm sure you'll feel better.

  4. I feel your pain! I don't plan out my chapters in advance, so there are times that I finish a chapter and I have no idea where the next one needs to go.

    Sometimes I just think of some random interaction my character might have with another character and start writing from there. And almost always, there is something there, in that writing, that leads me to what I know needs to happen next. Of course, some of that will have to be cut out, but I don't mind. Some of it will stay.

    Good luck! You'll get through it!

  5. Gah. I totally know how this goes! Actually, I've been right there with you and I finally just got out of that stage. Except my way of dealing is just to avoid. No panicking here, just absolute avoidance of all things writing. ;)

  6. B.E.- Thanks for the suggestions! I ended up just lying down and plotting like normal. It worked. I, unfortunately, really cant just sit down and write one scene at a time. I've tried and I end up just staring at a blank screen ;)

    Stephanie- Thanks Steph. I ended up reading and going through the first part of my MS (up to chapter 9) and making notes for revision.

    Jennifer- Thanks hun =) I ended up finding the time to sit down and plot and I have most of the rest of the story worked out!

    Andria- Wow, I dont know how you do that! I cannot start a scene without knowing what the next one is going to be like, at least a summary of it. Im glad youve found something that helps you work through tough spots!

    Tiff- Im glad youre out of that awful stage! Me tooo, thank goodness. LOL! I can't avoid. My brain wont let me, the traitor.


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