Wednesday, July 7

Writing Update

Medieval Romance:

Current word count: 65,000
Approximate length: 100,000
From July 1st- July 6th I've written: 10,000 words
If I keep this up I should be done the first draft around July 22nd. *crosses fingers*


Okay, so I've had two rocky days in the last week.  On Saturday, my medieval was not cooperating. I was ready to toss it onto the street and give it a piece of my mind, Murphy Style. Looking  back, I realize now why I was having such trouble. Besides the fact that everyone in my family (including me) seemed so hormonal--and therefore crazy--the scene I was working on took place after a BIG IMPORTANT SCENE. I guess I felt a little down that this scene seemed so, well, boring. I have since had the whole medieval beta-read and I was told to stop being an idiot. The scene I had problems with isn't boring, it's just transitional. So yay!

However, after the horrible Saturday writing experience, I took a "break" on Sunday. Rather than push myself to write the 2000 words, I simply spent the day fixing up what I botched up on Saturday. I ended up losing 1000 words and of course, didn't get the daily writing done. Therefore, I was 3000 "behind" my goal. After that, I sat down and plotted out the next few scenes.  On Monday I ended up writing 3000 words, so now I'm only a day behind (2000 words). I'm perfectly okay with that. However, it does push my finish date back to July 22nd. I'm really just hoping I finish this in July, that's all ;)

YA news:
Current word count: 7096
Approx length: Uhh...who knows? I have it down as 100,000 but I doubt it'll be that long.
From July 1st- July 6th I've written: 5018 words



Yep, I think that gets my feelings across quite nicely, LOL. Okay, but no really. I adore writing this story. The characters are so much fun and I can't wait to see where I go with this. Writing it is a challenge for me since the voice is so different from what I'm used to. I mean, my one story is a hot medieval romance and this one is a YA urban fantasy with some romance thrown in (cause really, I can't write a story without romance). In my MR, I've been told my writing is poetic and my descriptions are very vivid. In the YA, I can't do that. So cutting back on the diction has been a challenge, but so much fun. As of right now, only my mum and Chris have read the YA but they both loved it. Once I get to a certain spot, I will send it to Tina and Melissa who have both offered to beta it for me =)

Now, for this story I have no word goals. I am not keeping track of how much I write a night. In fact, for three of the six days, I didn't work on it at all. I was too tired for two of those days and had a headache the other. *shrugs* And that's perfectly fine with me. As of right now, this story is purely for my enjoyment. As surprising as it may sound, it's also helping me stay focused on completing my medieval. By working on two stories, I'm keeping myself from being burnt out with either one. It's fabulous.

So how are your stories going? Have any good news??
*No, I will not tell you what my YA urban fantasy is about. Only five people know (three of which I'm either related to or marrying) and I'm going to keep it that way. It's a shooper shooper shekret project.*

**I have not worked on either story so far today.**


  1. Congrats!!!!! Progress is always exciting.

  2. Woo hoo! Keep up the progress. Just wanted to let you know there's an award for you over on my blog. :)

  3. Congratulations!

    Let's see...well...I finished my novel tonight(!!!!). Very liberating feeling. Not quite as exciting as the first one that I finished, but I'm happy nonetheless!

  4. You go girl!! It sounds like you're making tremendous progress. Keep it up!

    I actually had a question for you. You know your word counters? How can I get some of those. I'm participating in some reading challenges and those seem to make a lot of sense to keep track of them.


  5. Well done on the hard work! Me? I put on my blog, my disaster and positive outcome.

    These things are sent to try us...or make us cry. LOL

  6. Way to go on the writing. =o) It's sounds like you're in the groove - even if you're feeling behind. 35K in two weeks is a helluva goal. You go girl.

    If you need another beta for either story, let me know. Summer time = more free time, you know since like school's out and Daughter's working at least a couple hours a day.

    I took the last couple nights off editing, but I'm still planning to be through with this draft by the end of the month. On Aug 1st, we'll see if that goal was realistic. LOL

  7. Stephanie- Thank you!

    EJ- Thanks =)

    Summer- *squee* I hope revisions go well!

    Hannah- Thank youuu. Yes, go here: Change the word counts you want and pick the colours. Sometimes the colour box doesnt work for me, so I just look up the html code for colours on google. Once done that, copy and paste the code into blogger.

    Glynis- Make us cry, I think ;)

    B.E.- Thank you!! I know it's a big goal, but so far I've managed to stick to it (except for one day, boohoo lol). Thanks for the offer =) If this story actually picks up (once the medieval is done) I might take you up on that. LOL! Good luck!

  8. Thank you, thank you ,thank you!! I'll go try doing that now

    : )



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