Thursday, July 15

Writing Update

Medieval Romance:

Current word count: 79,000
Approximate length: 100,000
From July 6th- July 15th (with 2 days off) I've written : 14,000 words
If I keep this up I should be done the first draft around July 24th. Like I said, I just want to be finished before August.


Okay, so I took two days "off" from my 2000 a day goal since I last updated. The first day was Saturday. I was really busy that day with non-writerly things that I decided to not write to save myself some stress. I did plot though. However, what I plotted only got me to Monday night. Hence the midnight panic post, lol. Tuesday I sat down and went through a scene I wasn't very happy with and filled it out some more (thereby getting my 2000). Wednesday, is the other day I took "off". I sat down and wrote 8 pages of plotted notes and 1 page of jot notes. This should suffice for the next 6 or 7 days. However, I don't think I'll have a panic post again. I now know exactly where I'm going and how to get there, so yay!

In other news, I know for sure who the Big Ultimate Bad Dude (BUBD) is. Yes, I know, I'm sure many of you are sitting there going, "Shouldn't you have known that already?" Maybe, or maybe not. I had it narrowed down to 3 candidates. Since the BUBD doesn't make an actual appearance in the story until the climax, I really didn't have to worry about it. But that has all changed. During my plotting, I realized who the exact perfect BUBD is. And since I didn't realize it was him all along, my writing doesn't give it away. During revisions I'll have to go through and make sure everything flows and makes sense, of course, but at the moment I think it's perfect. My #1 beta agrees.

YA news:
Current word count: 8646
From July 6th- July 14th I've written: 1550 words. Wooo...?


To be honest, I've been focusing so much on the medieval that the YA has taken a backseat for now. Though I wish I was farther along, I'm okay with the progress being slow. My medieval is the main focus for me right now, especially since I'm SO CLOSE TO THE END! However, I do still adore the YA and look forward to working on it in August while I revise, query, and subsequently plot the next medieval.


  1. I'm excited for you! Keep it up and you'll meet your goal. : )

  2. Yay. That's awesome progress. And that you could even touch the YA while you're this deep in the Medieval is amazing. I could never do that. Good job. =o)

  3. Keep up that fantastic work! You are on a writing roll, well done. Don't forget to eat and breathe though. :)

  4. Nice work! That's really great. I could never even think about more than one project at a time. Good luck with both.

  5. I think your #1 beta should be called an alpha. Just sayin'. Your real betas are waiting. Rather impatiently, I might add. *taps foot*

  6. Great job Nattie you're doing wonderful! And I read The Hunger Games and I absolutely LOVED it. I just ordered Catching Fire online and I already passed on the HG to my mom for her to read! So glad I found out about it from you! :)

  7. Grrr. I replied and my internet kicked out. Let's try this again.

    Victoria- Thank you!! I'm so excited =)

    Stephanie- Thanks hun!

    B.E.- Thank you! I know, it's crazy. I've basically dropped the YA this week though, since I'm SO CLOSE TO THE END.

    Glynis- Thank you! Haha, it isn't that bad. I only write about 3 hours a day.

    Angie- Thank you! I actually love it. Both projects are so vastly different that it's not confusing at all.

    Tina- Lol. For that I'm going to make you wait an extra 2 weeks ;)

    Court- Haha thanks hun. I haven't read it yet *cowers* I will though. Soon. Ish.


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