Saturday, August 21

Box Entertainment

While I continue to drown in edits, here's an amusing video for you guys. If you haven't seen the other Simon's Cat videos, go on youtube and find them. If you know cats, you'll love these.


  1. Yah! A new Simon's cat! This man clearly has- or has had cats. Love it

  2. Mum- I know, I love him, lol. I was waiting for the box video to show up-- you know he had to make one eventually, lol

  3. There is so much truth in Simon's cat videos!! I laugh so hard every time... especially since the cat looks so much like one of mine! Love it! Have fun with edits!

  4. Hi Natalie,
    LOL! I loved this video! Thanks for sharing it. I have two female cats and they're a riot. "My" (the other one is my hubby's)cat is on the small size but her attitude makes up for it. She loves boxes and bags. Also, kudos on writing your novel. Perhaps you'd like to visit my blog since it's dedicated to helping aspiring writers.
    Keep on writing!
    P.S. I'm on the East coast ;)

  5. Tina- Yes, yes they are.

    Valerie- I know, they're amazing =) Haha thank you!

    B.E- You're welcome ;)

    Mel- Yep =D

    Claudia- You're welcome =)


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