Thursday, August 12

Much Needed Update!

Okay, so for the last 8 days I have lived and breathed revisions. It's all I seem to do now! Anyway, I shall endeavour to break it down for you:

After finishing the first draft July 31st, I managed to last three whole days before I dove into revisions. It doesn't seem like a lot of time to most people, but OMG I almost didn't make it. If it wasn't for my YA, I would've started August 1st, LOL. I'm glad I didn't though. Revisions are a major headache. I always feel exhausted after a round, even if the chapter is clean. It's hard work. You can't simply read your material-- you have to critique it as you go. Talk about tiring.

Since August 4th, I've revised 22 chapters out of 31, or 300 pages out of 372, OR 84,028 words out of 103,853. I'm quite impressed with those numbers, if I do say so myself. I tend to write very full drafts, so most of this has been tidying up sentences and getting rid of overused words.

Now that I'm on the home stretch, I'm thinking this is only going to take a few more days. My last chapters were uber clean, so I'm not expecting to have to do a whole heck of a lot.  Most of my changes, plot-wise, were in the first few chapters. Thankfully, they weren't all that hard to change, so yay!

Once I'm done tearing my manuscript apart, I'm going to send it to my betas. While they are reading, I'm going to work on the synopsis and the query (ugh, make the headache stop). I also think I'm going to print out the whole manuscript and read it that way.

Basically, my dream goal would to send the first query out BEFORE school starts on September 9th. Is it possible? Yes. Is it going to happen? Who knows. Either way, I'm nearly done my second draft!!

Lord do I ever need a drink.

*For those who have asked, the largest my manuscript got was 106,270 words. I know, that's a lot.  The lowest it's been since I started revisions was 101,000 but I needed to add stuff for the plot, so it went back up, lol. Honestly, for medieval romance I'm not worried about a higher word count. That's very, very common.*


  1. Congrats! Revisions are a headache. But worth it in the end. (Or so I'm told.)

  2. Stephanie- Thank you! Yes. They are a headache, but I am enjoying them =)

  3. Wow, that's a lot of editing in 8 days. Good for you. =o) I'll send positive thoughts your way for you to meet your self-imposed deadline. And many more vibes for your query to net lots of full requests.

  4. B.E.- Ugh yes, yes it is. Thank you! I just don't want to be working on it when school hits. I will if I have to, of course, but school takes up so much time. While I could finish something in 1 summer day, it could take 2 weeks when school hits, ya know?

  5. My book is still in the works and up around 150,000. I think you're in good shape with the word count :)

  6. KTwriter- WOW! 150K?? What genre is it?? You're going to have to cut so much! =\


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