Sunday, August 1


*Warning: This post will contain lots of exclamation marks and random squeeing*
I'M DONE MY NOVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, that's right people. I'm done my medieval romance. I finished July 31st, at 11:38 pm.
That, my friends, is exactly 22 minutes before my August 1st deadline.


Progression of my novel:
  • November 2009— The story idea came to me
  • February 19th—Began plotting the story
  • February 21st—Wrote the very first words
  • February to April: I dealt with midterms, term papers, and finals all while trying to write.
  • When summer started on April 27th, I had written 18,831 words.
  • I finished the story July 31st at 105,864 words. 
  • That is 87,033 words in 3 months—a month of which I was on vacation. *SQUEES*
Now starts the uber fun part: revisions! I'm actually so excited about it. For the last 20,000 words I've been keeping a list beside me of things I need to double check, change, or delete (I know of at least 3000 words right off the bat I can get rid of). I'm going to step back for a few days and let my alpha read it as is right now. After that, I'm diving in. Honestly, I'm not sure I'm going to have such a hard time when it comes to revisions, but we'll see. Once my alpha is through and I've revised, I'm sending it to my darlings: Tina and Mel. While they're tearing it to shreds, I'm going to write my synopsis and query letter.




  1. Oh yeah and even though I was "there" when you finished. Congrats! Major squee-age over here!

  2. *tosses confetti*

    Yay! Enjoy the break from the novel and congratulations. That is quite the achievement.

  3. SQUEE!! Congratulations, hon, you worked hard on this and you deserve to celebrate. Go you. =o)

  4. High five!!!!!! That IS reason to celebrate.

  5. I'm so happy and proud of you Nattie! CONGRATULATIONS!

  6. AWESOME!! *throws confetti* Congrats, Natalie! That's really awesome. :)

  7. Tina- *huggles* Thank you for being so supportive, lurv!!!

    Dawn- Thank you!! I can't wait to start revisions.

    Victoria- Thank you!

    B.E.- Thank youuuuu =)

    Stephanie- Thank you!

    DL- YES! It most definitely is!!

    Kristopher and Crew- Thank you!!

    Jennifer- Thanks hun =) I'm celebrating by relaxing, LOL

    Court- Thank you darling =) You've been with me the longest out of all of my writer friends =)

    Ashelynn- Thank you =)

  8. SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *takes a deep breath*


    I'm so proud of you Nat! And you know I can't wait to read it:)

  9. Awww well we go WAYYY back. Pre-Christopher back haha. I always knew you'd do something wonderful :)

  10. Amazing news! Wonderful. Congratulations! Hugs from Cyprus!

    PS: I did mine 26th :) so I know exactly how you feel.
    High five and air punch!

    Author Blog: Glynis Smy

  11. Mel- Aww thank you luv =) You've been so supportive through this whole thing!

    Court- Haha that's true. I knew you before I knew Chris. Wow. That puts things into perspective, doesn't it? LOL. Aww thank you darling. XO

    Glynis- Thank you!! Ahhh! Exciting! Congrats to you too!!!

  12. I think I said congrats on fb -- or at least "liked" the status update -- but I wanted to say congrats here, too. I can't wait until I'm buying your book! I know that day will be here in the not so distant future.

    I'm so proud of you!

  13. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! *throws confetti everywhere* :) :) :)

  14. Amber- Aww thank you luv =)

    Ashley- Haha thank you =)

  15. Congrats on the finishing! I can tell you that the feeling of accomplishment and pride NEVER goes away! Each time I finish a manuscript, I'm grinning from ear to ear like a fool and I can't be happier! Good luck with the revisions. (That IS where the true fun begins, imo.)

  16. Lexi- Thank you!! I'm having a blast with revisions =)


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