Saturday, August 7

Wow. Just wow.


  1. OMG. Why? Dear God, why?

    Actually, hoping those were elementary kids who had just picked up instruments like yesterday.

  2. It kinda sounds like my old high school band....hahaha.

  3. It's hard to believe that's for real, isn't it?! Wow.

  4. Oh my heck! That was awful, and yet so funny. I feel for whoever was playing that!

  5. Mary- I KNOW! I hope so too. Sadly, they sound a lot like the band that was a few years younger than me in HS.

    Court- lmao. It sounds like the grades below me in HS. We had an awful teacher come in and she destroyed those poor dears. DESTROYED THEM. They used to be good...

    Shannon- Lol yes. Sadly, Ive heard things like this in person.

    Victoria- Yep. I agree.

    Mel- Lmao yes. When I heard it the first time I actually fell to the floor I was laughing so hard. Very, very similar to things Ive heard in person =D

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  7. Art is pain, apparently. This must be the most artful art ever.


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