Sunday, September 26


I would just like to reiterate how happy I am that I don't live in residence this year. There's no drama, no fights, and most of all, no immaturity. Well, there is, but I'm not part of it!! Yay! I get to pick who I hang out with and they're all hard workers, intelligent, and funny. I love it! School is stressful enough for those of us who actually go to class and do our homework that we don't need the high school drama chasing us around too. You know?

Anyway, I just wanted to put this up. I'm so much happier than I used to be and I wanted to share it =)

I hope you guys have a wonderful Sunday! Tomorrow I will post about 10 Things You Should Know While You Revise, so make sure you come back and check it out!



  1. Happiness is always a good thing :)

  2. Ya, we are very glad to have you with us full time! Love you, Mumsie ;]

  3. Mum- Aww thank you Mum ♥ I'm just happy to be away from all that. I had such a bad experience those 3 years that it wasn't worth it for my 4th year. Oh well. Live and learn =)

  4. Natalie,
    Ughhhhh!!! I'm SOOO jealous of you!! Seriously, not cool : / The only other girl that I graduated with that came to my school (we're kind of freinds, but talk more on campus now than in high school), is now gone. She's commuting because she hated life on campus. She said her friends are still around here, her family is here, and her boyfriend is here. So within the first three weeks of college, she is officially moved out :`(

    Now I'm really alone. I couldn't feel more alone if I tried....seriously. I think it's wicked ironic though because this is what I've been considering! Lol! But I honestly don't feel like you can make an unbiased and truthful decision in three weeks. I mean, come on, we've barely given it a try even if we do hate it. How easy would it be for me to pack up and move home tomorrow? Easy, but I would feel guilty about it. I am, however, trying to keep an open mind for the moment. But next year I will seriously have to think about it more. It's about $11,000 for me to live on campus/year! That would cut out a HUGE cost and debt for me if I didn't live on campus, plus I could keep my old job. I work at the Co-op, but now can only work on vacations. Meaning I won't work until December. I didn't get a work study job on campus, so I literally come home every weekend to babysit the family we "nanny" for! If I'm here anyways....what's the big deal!? You know??

    Anyway, I'm really sorry! I didn't expect to....vent that much. But I know you, of all people, will truly understand and that feels good to find someone like minded : )
    Talk to you soon! And if it matters at all, I'm really and truly glad you're happy!

  5. Hannah- I'm sorry to say hun, you can generally tell within a few days whether or not you're going to like life on campus. I did it for 3 years and my opinion didn't change. And it's alright, vent away =) I do understand how awful it can be living where you dont want to. I had over a dozen roommates and only a couple of them were tolerable. I hope it gets better for you though! If you ever need someone to talk to, feel free to email me =)

    B.E.- Thank you =)


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