Saturday, September 18

Finished My Query

I finished my query today!  It took me an astonishing 16 days and 13 drafts before I finally got it just right. Yay!!! I'm pretty sure I managed to annoy everyone helping me—sorry guys! I do appreciate all the help you gave me ♥

Now, I just have to finish my synopsis tonight (which I have found much easier to write). I have 4 more paragraphs to do and then I should be ready to submit to agents in the next few days. Crazy, huh? Looking at my schedule, I'm not all that far off. I wanted to query by September 9th. It's the 18th right now, and I'm thinking I'll query either tomorrow night or Monday sometime. Not too bad eh? Stayed pretty darn close to my goal, I think =)

Anyway, I promise to keep you guys updated on how everything goes!

So how have you been? Any exciting news??


  1. Yay for you! That sounds like a lot of hard work but glad to hear you have finished the query.

    Not much for me. I started a query but haven't finished it. The conference I attended had a great workshop on queries that will be of help.

    Good luck with the synopsis.

  2. Awesome news!! You drive will motivate others writers :)


  3. Congratulations!!! I'm so happy to hear that you find the synopsis easier... I don't take too long writing queries, but synopsis KICK MY BUTT!!!!! I feel like my whole thing is a bunch of, "and then... and then... and then..." I end up having a dozen drafts of those things.

    Do you read Agency Gatekeeper's blog? She has a good suggestion for how to set up your query batches, with each round including one or two of your top agents and the rest being your mid-list agents. That way if you receive a bunch of form replies on your first round of querying, you'll have a chance to revise your query/first five pages without having wasted your chance on your entire list of dream agents. Just a thought. Her post on this is labeled with the tag, "submissions."

    Since you asked how we've been, I ate too much pizza today and don't feel well now. Ohhhh tummy aches!

  4. Yay. Congrats. I'd rewrite my queries numerous times, too. Good luck with the querying.

  5. Well done getting that out of the way! Keep going. :)

    No news about submissions. :(

    I am writing a new genre for me. A children's book. :)

  6. Congratulations! Good job. I'm glad the synopsis came out easy for you. That part always trips me up.

    Not much news here. I just finished making 'scene cards' for a book I never edited, so I can re-start that process again. I'll be querying DLN shortly, if I can work up the nerve. And I have a new book simmering in the back of my head. Right now, though, I feel like I need to go back to bed.

  7. Dawn- Thank you!! Yeah, conferences are always so helpful. I kept referring back to notes I had from one I went to a year ago =) I hope your query goes well!!

    Victoria- Aww thank you!

    Di- I think it's funny how some people find the query easy and the synopsis hard, while others (like me) find the query hard and the synopsis easy! Weird! No, I dont read that blog, but I'm definitely going to go check out that post! I was already thinking of doing that with the agents. Thanks!! Ugh, I am craving pizza so bad. Im sorry you have a tummy ache though *hugs*

  8. Medeia- Thank you! And I think that's the smart thing to do. A query isn't something you should be able to write in an hour IMO.

    Donna- Thank you!

    Tina- Yay! *dances*

  9. Glynis- Thank you! Aww I'm sorry *hugs* And that sounds interesting!

    B.E.- Wow! Just that list made me tired! You've got lots going on! I hope querying goes well for ya =)

  10. Congratulations and good luck! I'm not at that stage yet but hope to be soon :)

  11. Julie- Thank you! And I hope you get to this stage soon!! =)

    Jennifer- Thank you!


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