Saturday, September 11

I Survived

Yep, so I survived my first two days of school. I have been to all of my classes and caught up with my socializing. That's one benefit to being a fourth year English major. I know everyone in all of my English classes, LOL! Some people might not think that's great, but this way we can have really lively class discussions =) (Yes, I'm aware how nerdy that came across).

Anyway, as a refresher, here are the classes I'm taking this semester. Beside them, I'll make a note of what I'll be calling them on here, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Communications Through History— I'm actually dropping this course. It's online and my professor is insane. He's called me twice already. Twice. My professor. There's more to it, but that's all I'll say for now.
  • Children's Literature from 1900 to the Present—Children's Lit
  • Literature in the Age of Chaucer—Chaucer or HOLY CRAP I DON'T UNDERSTAND *breaks down sobbing*
  • Select Topics in Literature of the Long Twentieth Century (1865-present): Literature and Ecology—Eco Lit
  • First Nations In Canada: Co-Operation, Coercion and Confrontation—History
So there you have it. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go to bed. I'm exhausted. Who the hell invented 7 am anyway? I mean really. It's not needed. No one likes that time, right? I'm thinking we should just get rid of it. All in favour say aye!

*Query Update: I forgot that I haven't really posted since my big query freak out. Sorry! You'll all be glad to know that my query is going quite well now. I went through a hundred drafts (okay, you got me. It was only 99), and I think it's pretty good now. We'll see once I get some feedback!*


  1. I completely agree with you about 7 a.m.!! And that picture is adorable!

  2. Oh I remember those days! Good luck!

  3. Hahaha, love the pic Nat!

    Whew, you made it! Now how many days left until this semester is over?

  4. Jamie- Lol I'm glad I'm not alone in my hatred of 7 am. I think it's a ridiculous time and not needed. And thanks =) That's pretty much how I felt last night haha

    Candice- Thank you!!!

    Mel- Hehehe. Yep, I made it! Idk actually. That would require counting and my brain is fried already LOL!

  5. I love to hear about back to school - I loved getting my English major! Hope it's a great 4th year. :)

  6. Good luck in school and in your query!!

  7. Mystery Robin- Thank you!! =)

    Victoria- Thanks =)

  8. Good luck for the future! I do not envy you the Chaucer thing. ☺

  9. Glynis- Thank you!!! Hehe yeah, it will be difficult. Oh well. Whats life without a challenge? ;)

  10. Ack. I thought I commented here Saturday. Sorry. I'm such a toad. Way to survive those first days. From the looks of it, you have a busy semester. All your courses scare the bejeebers out of me.

    Glad to see your query is going better. Sorry if I got a little spaz in the comments. Transference of my own angst, I guess. Bleh. I'm not qwazy, really I'm not. (Okay, maybe a little, but writing does that to me from time to time.) I hope you get awesome and helpful feedback from your query. =o)

  11. AYE!

    Congrats on surviving the beginning of your last year! I can't wait to congratulate you on your degree-- this year, wow I can still remember first coming across your blog oh-so-long ago, now your finishing up your studies *sniff sniff* I'm really excited for you, proud of you, happy for you. *Happy vibes to Natalie!!*

    I'm glad you feel better about your query. I know you're making it all sparkly, and pretty... my fingers and toes are crossed for you :)

  12. B.E.- Hehe they scare me too ;) Lol it's okay. Everyone gets that way when the word "query" is bandied about.

    Di- Yay!!! Glad to know I'm not alone LOL. Awww! Thank you so much hun!!! ♥ Hehe yeah. You gave me lots to think about with my query =)


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