Wednesday, September 29

My Critique Partners

1. My Mum—She's my Alpha (person who reads the story while it's still being written). I know everyone says you can't trust your mother to crit for you, but they haven't met mine. She's always honest. If something isn't working, she tells me so. While she doesn't catch some of the writerly things, she is an avid reader. She knows if a story is working and if it isn't. As well, she listens to me whine and complain when I'm having an awful day. That's always handy =)

2. Tina—My second line of defence against suckage. She's great for brainstorming and helps me out tons (probably more than she knows). She's always asking me questions about my story, which helps me think about things in a different way. Her crits are always amusing and very thoughtful. Like me, she tends to comment on whatever she's thinking at that moment, which I find extremely beneficial. I honestly don't know what I'd do without her critiques.

3. Mel—My newest critique partner. While Mum and Tina look more at content, Mel is definitely my go-to girl for line edits. She spots repetitive words like nobody's business. I don't even know how she does it. As well, she looks for consistency errors. She often asks hard, but wonderful questions. In addition, she's great at brainstorming sessions. Quite frankly, after she's been through my chapters, my story feel so shiny and clean.

4. Chris—While not an official critique partner, my fiance is very helpful. He helps tidy up sentences that aren't working and helps out with grammar (a lot).  =)

In addition to these four wonderful critique partners, I also have several betas who read for me. As you can see from my CPs, each of them have their own specialities. If you remove one, I lose that aspect of a critique. All together, they are perfect critique partners.

So do you have critique partners? Betas?


  1. I am thrilled to be whatever help I can be - besides, I get to read it FIRST!! Har har har! The rest of you suhkahs have to wait! Hee hee the power...Whoah, got a little bit over excited there ;)

  2. Aw, thank you sweets! *blows kisses*
    And you should have said that there's very few of those errors for me to spot. I'm in awe of how clean your writing is:)

  3. I do have critique partners, each with their roles much like you! Dana reads things the moment I write them, giving chapter by chapter feedback. Wendy betas. Tina and Amalia read things I think are "close" but I know I need some writerly feedback. And you, dear Natalie, you have a gift for critiquing and I want to ask you so much more often than I do, but I always feel so guilty because you're so busy with school...I know I can count on you for at least short stuff (like for SCBWI, and probably by the end of the month with my query letter-- eeeek!!!!) and I hope you know you can count on me, however you need me :) *smooches!*

  4. I have an alpha for the project I'm working on right now and my last project is with my brother who's beta reading for a man's perspective on my male MC. Other than that, no.

  5. VALERIE GEARY is my queen CP. She is amazing! She's brutal, but she's also encouraging and brilliant. I don't know what I would do without her. :-)

  6. Mum- Lmao, you're a goof.

    Mel- You're welcome hun. Awww thank you =)

    Tina- Hehe. You're adorable, love.

    Di- Aww love, you can always ask me to beta. You just have to give me some warning so I can fit it in my schedule =)

    Stephanie- Ahh okay. Well, at least you have a couple of people reading =)

    Shannon- Aww thats good! =)


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