Tuesday, September 21


Okay guys, I'm drawing a blank on what to talk about.  With school sucking up so much of my brain power, I can't come up with anything to post. Therefore, I am opening the floor to you guys! You can ask me  anything you want. However, I do reserve the right to not answer something =) As well, if you can come up with a topic rather than a question, I'll take those too!

So, anything you want to know about moi?


  1. Clearly everyone else is suffering from the same brain pain (albeit for different reasons...) All I can think of is this: "Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?" :] You may delete this comment if you feel you need to, I will not take offence. Love you darlin'

  2. I have a question! Feel free not to answer, of course: Do you have any great suggestions for romance novels that capture that breathless feeling of first love? With romance as the primary focus of the story?? Just curious...
    Also, it's foggy again today, but not as foggy as yesterday :)

  3. Let's see that very first draft of your query letter!

    *big cheesy grin*

  4. You're such a talented writer, I know you'll be published soon. So who did you query?

    P.S. If you don't want to share, that's okay.

  5. Mum- Lol. Because they like to drop guts on my bare feet. Didn't you know? ;)

    Di- Unfortunately, I can't think of any right now. I'll pop over to your blog if I can think of something (my brain is dead tonight, sorry love). Lol it was foggy this morning too.

    Mel- LMAO no. But nice try ;)

    Jennifer- Aww sorry hun, but I decided before I queried that I wasn't going to make that info public. Sorry!


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