Thursday, October 21

School, Surgery, and Snow

So I've been a littleand by little, I mean a lotneglectful of my blog. Sorry guys, my life has been hectic! Anyway, I thought I'd take the time to give you guys an update on how I'm doing this semester.

  • It's going pretty well so far. I'm sitting at an "A" in all of my classes. Yay!
  • My Children's Literature class is way too freaking easy. I picked the class as a fun elective. You know, quick and easy. Yeah, well, I wasn't thinking that one through. The homework is so easy I put it off most days. Not good.  I actually think I've mastered sleeping with my eyes open. Hey, at least I've learned something!
  • Just last week I attended the Under the Western Skies conference for my Eco Literature class. No, I didn't have a choice. I had to attend a panel and then do a presentation on it. Thankfully, the panel I went to (Environmental Pedagogies) was good. I didn't have high hopes for it, but I thought it was interesting. However, nothing was going to make me go to more of the conference than I had to, LOL!
  • Oh boy, where do I start? As some of you know, I'm scheduled for my Ulnar Nerve Transposition Surgery November 15th. To make this simple, the ulnar nerve runs from your neck down your arm to your hand. Sometimes (like in my case), it gets pinched at the elbow. This causes pain, numbness, and loss of hand control. In general, it sucks. Unfortunately, my surgery is during the semester and there's nothing I can do about it. I'll miss at least a week of school, perhaps a bit more.
  • This one is pretty self explanatory. It snowed last Friday. Snowed. SNOWED! *sobs* Anyone want to switch locations with me? It's pretty here? We have the mountains?
So how are you guys?  =)


  1. So glad to hear that school is going great. Don't worry about the class being easy. We all need an easy class now and then. (How I long for one of those.)

    I'll be sending good thoughts your way for the surgery to go well. I can't imagine surgery to be pleasant despite the good it can bring.

    No swapping places with me. But I'd gladly move to a warm climate. If I can help it, my next move will be to somewhere it doesn't snow in the winter.

  2. I had surgery on my wrist last year, and it was no fun at all. Hopefully you won't have to be in a cast (but probably, right?). It sucks so hard, but it's supposedly worth it.

    I'd be happy to exchange climates with you! It's still in the 70's (F) here, and I'm dying for some real fall weather.

  3. Glad to hear school's going well. Your Kid Lit class may be easy, but I think after some of your classes, you've earned a little easy. Ack about the surgery. I'll send positive thoughts your way for an easy surgery and a speedy recovery.

    As for the snow... Bleh. I'd offer you a sanctuary here, but we're not that far behind you on the flurry curve. =o)

  4. I'd die. DIE. If I switched places with you.

  5. Stephanie- Thanks =) Yeah, I am glad its an easy class, the problem is that it might actually be too easy. Oh well ;) Yeah, the surgery is going to suck. It also doesnt gaurantee that everything is going to be fixed. Blech. Ah well, i thought I'd try and switch places, lol.

    Summer- I probably will be in a full arm cast. They'll be snipping my tendons etc... and they will be moving my whole nerve. It's going to be awful. Pah. This isnt real fall. This is nearly winter. Its not fun, especially when you havent had a summer to begin with.

    B.E.- Thats true. If the class was harder, I might go crazy with my workload. Aww thank you =) I promise I'll have my mum post to keep you all updated. LOL flurry curve. Hah, i love it.

    Tina- Lmao. I know ;)

  6. Nice to hear school is going well for you. I imagine living at home this year feels a bit like Heaven.

    Easy classes are good. They give your brain a break. :)

    Sending good thoughts your way for a speedy recovery after surgery. You're such a fantastic student I'm sure the time off from school won't get you too far behind.

    If you like lots of rain and gray skies visit the Pacific NW. No snow (yet), but it's cold.

  7. Jennifer- Thank you. Yeah, its much better than living in residence. =)


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