Saturday, November 13

How To Pitch An Editor: The Session

Finally, the last post is here! Yay! If you missed the other two posts, they are here and here. So today I'm going to talk about what to do during the pitch session!

Here we go!
  1. First thing's first, introduce yourself and shake their hand! Remember, you must be professional.
  2. Don't just dive into your pitch. Stop, pause. Ask them how their stay is going. Talk about the weather or the conference/workshop you're at. They've been hearing pitches all day, so you want to stick in their mind (in a good way).
  3. Once you've chatted a little bit, start your pitch. Do it slowly. Make sure to breathe and look at them (but don't do the creepy stare-down thing, lol).
  4. Next is the question/comment period. Don't be afraid to ask them questions, too. This is a great opportunity to just talk to them-- use it!
  5. Regardless of whether you got a request or not, thank them for their time.
And now, the part you've all been waiting for... *drum roll*

My own pitch session went extremely well. She was really enthusiastic about my story and requested pages (yay)! We talked a bit about the difficulties in selling a medieval and she gave me some encouragement and advice =)

So there you have it guys! I hope you enjoyed the posts and learned something!

Remember, next week I'm having guest bloggers, so make sure you stop by and show them your support!!!


  1. Woot! Woot! Request! As I said before, I may never end up pitching anyone. Mostly because I'm afraid I might toss my cookies all over their very expensive shoes. But the posts :)

  2. Catherine- Thanks! And you're welcome =)

    Tina- Yerp! =D I was worried I'd do that too. Or burst into tears. Either or lol. Thanks!


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