Thursday, November 18

In The Beginning... A Guest Post by Tina Lynn

Hello all! So here is the final guest post for this week. I hope you've enjoyed them so far!  Today we are going to have my third critique partner Tina Lynn from Sweet Niblets talk to us! Tina is currently kicking butt on her NaNo story, Ten.


In the beginning

Yeah, I know. Stressful, is it not? Those three words sound off in my ears as I read them, like the peal of some enormous bell shaking me to my very foundation.

Okay, so I’m melodramatic :D

Anyhoo, about beginnings…

There is a lot of stuff out there. Your first chapter has to pop. <--- Make sure to read that last word with the proper enunciative respect. (Yes, totes just made up a word. I do that.) Oh, wait…forget the first chapter. Your first paragraph has to really draw them in. *ahem* Excuse me. I’m sorry. Totes backpedaling here, BUT IF YOU DON’T GRAB THEM BY THAT FIRST SENTENCE YOU’VE NEGATED THE MERIT OF THE REST OF THE ENTIRE BOOK!

Now that’s pressure. *A lot* of pressure.
So, here is my superawesomenevertobeforgotten advice.

Let. It. Go.

Hello! You are just starting to write the darned thing. You barely know your characters yet. (And for those that have mapped out elaborate character sheets…admit it, you barely know them, either). As the story unfolds, we get to know them. Learn their quirks, turns of phrase they like to use, how they react to things. They reveal secrets to us, secrets they entrust to us and us alone. You simply don’t know them well enough in the first sentenceparagraphchapter. You. Just. Don’t.

So, relax, push through to the end, and when you get there the beginning may just open itself up to you. (I accept no responsibility if this is not the case).

And if you are one of those lucky, lucky folks that can get that perfect beginning the very first time around, I hate you you are a freak an anomaly. And a very lucky one at that. (Insertion: I think Tina might be talking about me, guys. Oopsie).

Yeah, so that’s my (hopefully encouraging) post on beginnings. Wave to Natalie…and be sure to offer up Get Well Wishes and Chocolatey Dreams for her. Of course, she’s probably totes stoned out of her mind. (Has to be to ask *me* to be a guest blogger.) So, she may not do anything but watch the words float off the screen and swirl around her head…and giggle…and bat at them like a kitty cat. Scratch that last, her arm is in a gigantic cast.

So, what are your thoughts on beginnings? Dying to hear them.

*blows kisses to Natalie*


  1. I agree! The ending is where you find the beginning. Hope you're feeling better soon, Natalie. Great post, Tina.
    Catherine Denton

  2. I totes love this post Tina! You're absolutely right - you shouldn't worry about getting the perfect beginning when you draft because it will more than likely change.

    *waves to Nat* Hope you're feeling much better today!

  3. I am great at coming up with beginning lines. It's completing one single coherent sentence afterwards that does me in.

  4. I don't think I've ever had a beginning that I either didn't scrap altogether or change so significantly that it might as well have been new. (So you can love me) You are so right, though. Gotta write the story oftentimes to figure out the beginning. Super advice!

  5. Hi Tina! Hi Natalie. Tina, I enjoyed your guest post. Natalie, I hope you are feeling stronger every day. I really enjoyed your mom's post about Universal Healthcare... very enlightening!

    Love to you as you continue to mend.

  6. Great post!! You can love me too, I haven't gotten a beginning right so far :p and they don't even come close until the book is finished and I go back to square one... and it's kind of like, whoa, did I really think *that* would work? ~shakes head~

    Feel better Nat!!!! *blows kisses* xoxo

  7. Tina Lynn - I just can't get over what a fab bunch of ladies you all are. You are kind and generous - and a little bit crazy - which suits me just fine...♥.
    Amber - thanks, we try to poke fun at it whenever we can

  8. Catherine ~ I know, right? Thanks.

    Melissa ~ Exactly!

    Teri ~ Surely, you jest. I've read your blog.

    Carolina ~ *wipes brow* Phew! I don't know what I would've done if I couldn't love you anymore.

    Amber ~ Thankyouspice.

    Di ~ Yay! I get to keep on loving you too!

    Lynne ~ Are you kidding? Natalie is one of my besties. It's just a cruel twist of fate that we live so far apart. I'd do anything for her. And thanks for keeping us up to date :D

    Elana ~ Thanks, chica! *hands over a slice of bacon*

  9. Tina- You crack me up big time. Great post! Thank you for posting for me!! ♥ xoxox

  10. Blame my late response on my fried laptop...

    I love this post! I have this sickness where I'm convinced that the beginning has to be ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. It last's a few (more like ten) restarts before I realize that I'm being insane and I should just write the darned thing.


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