Sunday, November 14

Surgery Time!

Okay my lovelies, this will be my last post for a while. I need to be at the hospital tomorrow (Monday) at 6 am. My surgery is slated to begin at 7:40 am. Eeeks!  I can't say how long I'll be away, but my mum will keep you updated!

This week I have arranged for my critique partners to come in and post for you guys, so make sure to stop by!

If you'd like to say hi while I'm away, feel free to email me: nataliemurphy [at] live [dot] ca



  1. I hope everything goes smoothly and I'm glad your mom will be posting updates. Take care of you. :hugs: And see you when you get back. =o)

  2. Good luck, Nattie! Hope everything goes well and I'm glad that your mom will be keeping us updated! Love you BUNCHESSS!!!

    OH. AND. Are you SO EXCITED for HP7???? :):):):)

  3. Sending good vibes your way! I'm sure it'll all go smooth and you'll be back to writing and blogging in no time!

  4. *waves* I'm so friggin' scared that I'm going to hardly talk to you after. I'm going to miss you like crazy. Srsly.

  5. Take care and lots of healing vibes are coming your way.

  6. B.E.- I hope so too! Thank you!

    Court- Thanks hun. YES, of course! But idk when I'll get to see it =( xo

    Stephanie- Thank you!! I hope so!

    Tina- Aww love I'm going to miss you too. But trust me, I shall find a way! xoxo

    Donna- Thank you!

  7. Miss you already Nat!!!!!!!!!!!!


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