Monday, November 15

Surgery went well...

Hello everyone!  My name is Lynne, and I am Natalie's mom.  She underwent surgery to her right elbow this morning, and is now home and resting.  Yah pain meds!!  Yoohoo!!
The surgery went well and according to the Doc- was in the nick of time as the pinched and trapped ulnar nerve (elbow) doesn't appear to have suffered permanent damage (only time will tell).  Her lower arm and hand are pretty swollen though and she is groggy from the anaesthetic. 
Her spirits are good - affirmation that she had a serious problem in her arms is a comfort - no you aren't crazy (about that anyhoo ;-) I love you!). 
Left arm is next, no date set yet - but we are in Alberta Canada - so a couple months for necessary procedures is not uncommon - universal health care isn't all it's cut out to be.  Oooohhh here's 2 examples from today alone:  we had to sanitize her arm ourselves.  Yup you heard me - here's a spongy thingy- go scrub that down for 10 minutes. She also had to walk into the OR and hop up on the bed herself.  It was set too high up and they didn't want to waste the time to move it down, so an intern did finally help her up.  We were almost expecting them to insist she make the bed and wash the linens when she was done.  The nurses and staff and surgeon were excellent and very nice though, so that's good.  Ok, so I have rambled on enough for today. 
Thank you to everyone for your well wishes, they mean a lot. 
Bye for now!


  1. I had wrist surgery last year; I never could have hopped on the bed myself after all the pre-anesthesia drugs they gave me. Like Benadryl. :)

    Glad it went well! Hope she feels better soon.

  2. So glad to hear Natalie's surgery went well and that she's home. I'm sending positive thoughts for a speedy recovery. =o)

  3. Hi Summer! She was still stone cold sober when she had to do the hopping - really a great comfort getting a good look at all the scalpels etc. Ugh. She was put completely under with breathing apparatus right after that though. Did you watch your surgery? Nat's dad had carpal tunnel release with only a local to freeze the wrist a few years ago and watched the whole thing. Freak. Thanks! She'll feel better when everything stops hurting...

    B.E. -Thanks for the good vibes!

  4. Epic friend fail! I didn't see this post! Thanks for giving us the down low, Nat's mom! Give her careful hus and kisses from me :)

  5. Summer- Yeah they didnt give me anything pre-surgery, thankfully. I feel gross enough now I didnt need another hour of blechness added to the list lol. Thank you for the well wishes!

    B.E.- Thank you for the well wishes!

    Tina- xoxo


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