Thursday, November 25


Hello everyone! Yes, it's me. I'm back...ish. I thought I'd give you an update on how I'm doing!

Okay, so the swelling finally went down a few days ago. It was getting crazy there for a while. I could barely move my fingers, that's how swollen they were.  As well, I'm no longer on the antibiotics, thank-freaking-God. They were doing crazy things to my stomach and making me so dizzy. Now, pain I can deal with. Dizziness I can't. If someone even so much as moved the wrong way, my head would spin. Not fun.

Anyway, now that the swelling and dizziness are gone, I'm left with... pain. It's not as bad as it was a few days ago, but it still hurts quite a bit. Whenever I shiver, I get zaps in my arm. It's really freaky. But it makes sense, since I did have surgery on a nerve. However, the worst times are when I'm just sitting there minding my own nerve-y business when BAM, it freaks out and sends shooting pain up and down my arm. It's just lovely.

In a week I go see my surgeon and find out exactly how everything went. I imagine he'll take this bandage off my arm (I'm praying he takes it off my arm) and gets rid of the stitches. And yes, I will take pictures to show you all, lol. Unfortunately, since I'm going back to school next Tuesday, that means I'm going to be stuck with the bandage for at least 3 days of classes. Grrr.

In other news, winter has arrived here in Alberta. The same night I got home from the hospital, it started snowing. And snowing. Oh, and snowing some more.  And then it got cold. On the 23rd, we were actually the 2nd coldest place on Earth. Not even kidding.  So remember that whole, I shiver and I get pain, thing? Yeah. Think about that for a moment.

But to leave today off on a happy note... I SAW HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PT 1. ON MONDAY! Gah. It was SO worth the pain. I sobbed like a freaking baby. I just wish we'd been able to go opening night, but the dizziness would have kicked my freaking ass all over the theatre.

Oh! Another happy thing that happened since we last spoke... I got a scholarship! Woot woot!



  1. I love when you get scholarships! You're such a clever girl...

  2. Yay to Scholarships! Yay to Harry Potter! Boo to cold :c Glad the dizziness is gone at least. Woot!

  3. I'm so glad to see you're doing better, even if you're not 100%. I'm sending positive thoughts that the rest of your recovery goes quickly.

    Hurray for the scholarship. You go girl. Sorry the weather is so stinky for you, but at least you got out and saw HP7.1. I'm totally jealous. =op

    Have a great day and feel better soon. :hugs:

  4. Mum- Lol *bows*

    Tina- Lmao that was a lot at once.

    B.E.- Thank you!

  5. I'm so sorry to hear you're in so much pain, but good job on the scholarship! I also LOVED HP and cried too. So glad you got to see it. Sending you lots of love!!!

  6. I'm so glad you're feeling a little better, but your current symptoms still sound awful. Hope you recover quickly!


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