Wednesday, March 31

WIP Wednesday

Alright, so today I don't have very much to tell you guys. Right after I wrote last week's WIP post, I got sick and ended up being sick all weekend. I'm feeling better today-- I'm only coughing maybe twice an hour. So yay! But, like I said, I was sick all weekend, so I didn't get much of anything done. However, here is my progress:
  • I did end up finishing that scene I was talking about and polished it all up. I sent it to Mum and got her approval. I was a little worried about this particular scene because I thought my tone might have changed a little, but Mum said it was good the way it was.
  • I started the next scene but only got 3 pages in. So far I like it, though.
Overall, I wrote 1754 words last weekend. Not at all what I wanted, but hey, that's okay. I still got something out. I wasn't expecting to get anything written with how I was feeling.
In school news, I wrote my Romantic Literature term paper last night on gender in The Monk: A Romance by M.G. Lewis. I'm not thrilled with how it turned out, but I'm not going to complain. It's done, which only leaves me with two term papers left to write. The next one is for my American Literature class, which I will be tackling this weekend (tomorrow and Friday, hopefully).
How are your stories coming along? Any pitfalls? Any triumphs?
*Friday I will be posting an Easter Traditions Post just like I did for St. Patty's Day, so make sure to stop by and check it out-- especially if you have young kids in your life! You may get some fun ideas!*

Tuesday, March 30

To Adverb, Or Not To Adverb

That is the question.

Alright, I'm done being nerdy (for now). So, since I'm still feeling like I was hit by a bus and then run over several times, I'm going to try and keep this post short.

Okay, so I'm not sure if I've established how much of a rebel I am when it comes to writing, but I loathe the idea of someone telling me what I can and cannot write. That's not to say I don't follow most of the rules anyway-- because I do. However, it drives me up the wall when I come across post after post of people yabbering away about this writing rule or that writing rule. Seriously? JUST WRITE THE FREAKING THING!

I find that a lot of the time, people write awful stories or dry characters because they spend so much time making sure they follow the rules. They focus too much on the mechanics of writing and not on the ACTUAL writing. Now, that's not to say everyone does this, but a lot do.

One of my biggest writer pet peeves is when people say NO ADVERBS. Yes, a billion and one adverbs is very annoying to read and can also indicate "weak" writing. However, I am not one of those people who slaps the writer's wrist every time I see an adverb-- and trust me, I've received critiques like that and IT. DRIVES. ME. BONKERS!

Most of the time, yes, the adverb can be removed. But what about all the other times when it simply (HAH, take THAT you adverb haters) works?

I'm going to share a secret with you guys. When I send out my story to my betas, I leave all my adverbs in just to see what I can get away with *snickers* If no one brings it up, I leave them. If someone starts snarking at me for them, I may or may not take them out. But honestly (LOL), if I give you a 9 page chapter that happens to have 6 adverbs in them-- 3 of which are IN the dialogue (which so does not count in my books)-- then I say give it up buckaroo, they're stayin' ;)

But don't get me wrong, I tend to remove adverbs if someone points them out. However, for some odd reason, they're the last thing I pluck out of a scene. Maybe it's because it's been several days since I wrote that sentence and the adverb no longer seems as important? Whatever the reason, they're last to go in my books.

What's your take on adverbs? Love em? Hate em? Don't care?

Saturday, March 27

Saturday Quote

"You are fully capable of deciding your own destiny. The question you face is: which path will you choose? This is something only you can decide."
Star Trek 2009

Friday, March 26



First off, yesterday's post was supposed to be 4000 words in 2 days, not 3000. *sighs* And second, I am sick. Sick, sick, sick. So, I might be hanging around online, I might not.

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, March 25

How I Wrote 3000 Words in 2 Days

So after I posted my weekend writing count yesterday, I had interest both on my blog and on Twitter about how how I managed to write that much. I wish there was some sort of miracle formula I could tell you guys. But as with most writing stuff, I think it’s more of a personal thing you have to learn for yourself. However, I will share with you guys some of the tricks I use. They don’t always work for me, and can actually sometimes trap me, but for the most part they work.

  • Before I begin a scene, I make a list of things I want achieved within that scene. This includes both feelings/emotions, as well as images, and information. I often keep it in my actual WIP document, and I can delete the points as I go. Although this seems quite basic, it grounds me into the scene. Whereas I could be swept away or even stuck while writing, this list helps me stay focused and gives me a goal to achieve. It also prevents issues from cropping up later—which could happen if you let yourself be completely swept away.

  • My next step is... I take the list I just made and expand it, if need be. For example, there is a scene in my WIP where my Hero is spying on my Heroine. While he’s spying on her, I wanted certain aspects of both her appearance and the setting, to be more prominent in my Hero’s mind. Therefore, I made jot notes about what I wanted. Believe it or not, this really helped me focus on exactly what I needed to write. It only takes me a few minutes to make these lists—I just lay down on my bed and imagine the scene, step by step. If my mind focuses on the black curl of my Heroine’s hair on her shoulder, then I put it in the list—because obviously, my mind thought it was important enough for me to see, therefore it’s important enough for my readers to read/see. This isn't always true, but I find that most of the time it is.

  • Next, I work on the “introduction” to my scene. I’ve been known to painstakingly work on my hooks. However, once I have the right hook, the rest of that “intro” flows. Generally, I spend the most time on my scenes on the intros, since they need to grab the reader’s attention.

  • After that, I work on dialogue. With this, I don’t worry about movement and description when I write it. I put the basics down. By that, I mean I write what the characters are saying, and I put the basic dialogue tag of “Adeena said” or “William said” etc... This is more for me, so that I know exactly who is talking in case I get confused. By doing this, the dialogue flows. It’s not start and stop, but follows natural conversation—which is what you want. It also pumps up your word count in a remarkably short amount of time.

  • Once the basics of my dialogue are down, I read through and fill in the blanks. I put in the movement and the description. By this point, it always flows smoothly for me. I’m not sure why. It may be because so much is already done and the basics are laid down, but either way, it works.

Okay, so that’s all I can think of for writing so much. I hope it helps guys!

Do any of you do these same things?

Wednesday, March 24

WIP Wednesday

Alright, so even taking into account the fact that I took up two days writing my anthropology term paper last weekend, I still managed to write 4327 new words (17 pages)! WOOHOO! I haven't written that much in one weekend since last summer! Believe it or not, I used to be able to write 2000-3000 words a day. Unfortunately, school sucks my creativity and time from me. Have I mentioned I'm ecstatic for school to end on April 15th?

Anywho... here's what I managed to do:
  • I wrote and finished a whole scene! Wow, huh? With my recent track record, that is most impressive! And to top it off, I already got the approval of my Mum! I'm so glad I have her to help me out. She doesn't let me embarrass myself by sending out crap, LOL!
  • I also got a good chunk of a new scene done. I'm not done polishing it up yet, but I hope to finish that by Thursday night. After that, I'll send it to Mum for a critique =)
If my beta readers are still interested, I think I'll send out the manuscript again once I reach 50 or so pages. Right now, I'm at 39 pages. However, I fully intend on being to 50 by the end of this weekend (March 28th-ish). Which, yes, means I'll be on Twitter and the computer all weekend! Yay! I know I've been absent a lot. I blame school.
As well, I probably wont branch out to new beta readers (unless I've told you I will send it to you), so I'm sorry for those who have shown an interest. I have to feel 100% comfortable with my readers. However, I might post a snippet/teaser on my blog later for you guys to get a taste of what this story is like. How does that sound?
So how are your stories coming along?

Tuesday, March 23

What Do You Do To Relax?

As the end of the semester approaches—thank God—I’ve become increasingly busy. Although my workload has actually decreased in size since I am almost finished reading all of my assignments for the year, I now have essays to combat.

They are far worse a foe than a boring essay on the Sublime.

Over the weekend, I worked on my anthropology essay. Now yes, I said I was going to work on it Wednesday, but stuff came up. Then Thursday I was so not in the mood to work on it, and I’ve come to learn after three years of school that if you don’t feel like doing it at that moment, you’ll do nothing but stress yourself out sitting there staring at the computer screen.* Because I’m so far ahead in my work (yes, I’m a nerd *waves*) I can get away with putting it off for a few days. It’s part of the benefits to being said nerd. If you’re not one, then I say “neener, neener” to you. But I digress.

So I began working on my anthropology paper on the collapse of the Maya on Friday. Once I got started, it went pretty smoothly. I finished it on Saturday (there was no way I was going to write a 10 page research paper in one day. Talk about a brain explosion). And I actually had a lot of fun writing it—who knew? I liked my sources, so that made the paper that much easier to write.

However, that doesn’t deter from the fact that it took me two days to write. Two days in which I could have been writing my story instead. Talk about a bummer. And as I face yet another week with a new essay—meet my foe, Romantic Literature— I wonder, is there a way to deal with all of the stress that comes with being so busy?

I try as much as I can to relax, but sometimes it doesn’t ever seem to work. My most common “relaxers” are:

  • Watch a movie/ brainless TV

  • Hangout and talk with my parents and boyfriend
  • Sleep—my personal favourite (kidding... maybe)
  • Reading—this has become increasingly hard to do/enjoy. Recently, it seems that all the books I pick up have been crap. They are the types of books I wouldn’t have read even before I took writing seriously. Now that I am taking it seriously, I really can’t read these books because my brain just works on all the things wrong with the writing and the book. It sucks. I have a few beta stories waiting in the wings to be read, but I just don’t have the energy to read them right now. I have to actually beta them, regardless of what the writer says, so that means investing more time than I would a Kresley Cole book or a Monica McCarty book (is anyone else excited for her book?! It came out today! I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy! I think I have to wait till Thursday though, drat!)

So my question for you is: what do you do to relax?

*Same goes with writing.*

Saturday, March 20

Update on St. Patty's Day Traditions

Hello guys! So after my Mum read my blog post, she reminded me of a few things about the traditions I told you guys about on Thursday!
First off, the "lure" I used to get the Leprechauns into my clever trap was loonies. No, I do not mean crazy people (LOL). I mean the Canadian 1 dollar coin pictured below. You see, the thought process was that the Leprechauns were greedy and wanted gold. Therefore, I would lure them in with 1 dollar coins. In return, they ended up taking them and leaving me chocolate gold coins to trick me, thinking I'd never notice. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

Secondly, my Mum reminded me of one year where she went a little crazy with the trap (in a good way, I assure you). Rather than just have the box down with the chocolate coins inside for me to find, she had cut a shamrock into the side of the box, where the Leprechaun had escaped. Not only that, she had sprinkled the entire area with green glitter, like he'd used his magic shamrock powers to escape. LOL!

Now, I know some people would look at all of these traditions and think they are over the top...and maybe to a degree they are. But not in a bad way, in my opinion. I mean, how can you think something is stupid if it created the sense of magic that should be a part of childhood? My parents succeeded completely in making my childhood magical. No, I didn't believe in Leprechauns till a ridiculous age (of course not). However, I believed in the magic and the fun of pretending to believe in them. My parents encouraged magic. My parents encouraged imagination. And for that, I will be forever grateful.

Thursday, March 18

St. Patty's Day

I know this post probably should have been yesterday's, but I didn't think about it until today. In any case, I was so exhausted that the best I could do was repost something. Yay for school. *note the sarcasm*

Anyway, this post is all about traditions. I don't know about you guys, but I was raised on them, whether my parents realize it or not. Every holiday there are certain things that are set in stone. For example, on Christmas Eve I get a present-- always PJ's. When I was younger, we left carrots, celery, and water out for the reindeer, as well as the customary cookies and milk for Santa.

Now, I'm sure many of you guys are now sitting there scratching your heads thinking, "What sort of St. Patty's Day traditions are appropriate for a kid?" The answer is, not many. However, my parents managed to find them (bless their creative little hearts):

  1. Those mischievous Leprechauns always turned things in our fridge green. Milk, juice, water. You name it, it turned green-- from food dye, not from going bad ;)
  2. They flipped over tables and chairs, and even stacked them some years. Like I said, pesky little men.
  3. The night before, I would set up a Leprechaun "trap". Generally, it was a box held up by a pencil. I can't exactly recall what I put in there to supposedly "lure" them there. However, every morning when I woke up, the box was dropped and inside was a stack of chocolate gold coins.
  4. A few years I also got some other cute little things like a 4 leaf clover made from beads and twisted wire (thanks Mum!)
  5. My Mum also always made cookies shaped in a 4 leaf clover. I was the envy of the school ;)
  6. And of course, I always wore green. Except for this year-- I had taken all my green clothing home already! DARN IT!
So there you have it. Those are some of my traditions for St. Patty's Day. When I'm a parent, I hope to continue the traditions with my own kids!
What are some of your traditions for this Irish holiday?
*Yes, if you're wondering, I'm Irish. What gave me away?*

Tending the Writer's Emotional Health: Repost

*Repost from September*

1. Have a good writing space-- This varies from person to person, so there is no concrete idea here of what is a good writing space. Find what works for you and make it as comfortable for yourself as possible. Make sure there is good lighting and enough support for your back and wrists.

2. Eat healthy-- Rather than grabbing that bag of chips, stop and cut up some veggies to snack on while you work. It’ll make you feel better overall and afterwards you won’t feel guilty.

3. Drink lots of water-- I know writers tend to like caffeine, for the obvious reasons, but try to drink water as well. It makes you feel better and your skin looks glorious when you drink enough water ;)

4. Get up and move around-- Sitting hunched over the desk all day will do no one any good, least of all you. Take breaks and wander around. Go outside and walk around the block, or go do the laundry! Yes, I know. That one sounds like so much fun. But really, it’ll help.

5. Talk to people who actually exist outside of your mind-- Trust me on this one. We’re crazy enough as it is without foregoing normal conversation with real people. Don’t make it worse.

6. Sleep!-- I know this one can be difficult, what with children, husbands, jobs, and school getting in the way all of the time, but sleep comes before writing. Trying to write while sleep deprived is the quickest way to a burnout. And no one wants to see a writer during a burnout. Even the thought of it terrifies me.

7. Reward yourself!-- Reach the word goal of the month? Write a really hard scene? Finish your novel? Then you deserve a reward! Try not to reward yourself with food (remember, we’re trying to be healthier!) but perhaps go to the local bookstore and binge on a much more invigorating snack? Or maybe you could buy that comfy desk chair you’ve had your eye on for the last 6 months. Go for it! Why not? You deserve it!

And last but not least...

8. Simply enjoy yourself-- Whatever you’re doing, wherever you are, make the most of your opportunities and have fun! Be creative, be wacky and be wild. Why not? If anyone questions why you’re talking to yourself in the store or why you’re face is always plastered with a goofy grin or why you always laugh at the jokes that no one else does, just tell them you’re a writer. Crazy is part of the job description.

So my darlings, which one do you find the hardest to do?

Wednesday, March 17

Update On Life!

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been posting! School and life are hectic at the moment. As I'm approaching the end of the semester (4 weeks left baby!) all of my term papers are starting to pile up. I know 4 weeks seems like a long time, but it's really all. Yay!

This week, I've been working on a number of things, including annotated bibliographies for American Lit and Anthropology, and a critical log detailing what my term paper is going to be about in Romantic literature (I could not find sources for this stupid paper! I had to switch my topic 6 times)! I also had to read tons. Has anyone read Lady Susan by Jane Austen? I'm a die-hard Austen fan, but that book made me want to chuck it across the room. Apparently I do NOT like epistolary novels.

Tomorrow, I'm starting (and maybe finishing??) my Anthropology term paper on the collapse of the Maya. Thursday/Friday I'm finishing up the paper --if I'm not done-- and starting the second book for history that I have to review. Luckily, some of my friends have already started it and said it's much easier than the last one (THANK GOD)!

So that's what school/life is looking like for me at the moment. However, I do have some good news for you!
  1. That scene that I was having troubles with? Yeah, it's done *smirks* I ended up wiping most of it and redoing it, but I'm SOOO happy with the results. It's smashing! I also got a standing ovation from Mum and Chris. And I don't care what people say, my Mum and my boyfriend are NOT easy people to please. They want me to succeed. Period. No, they won't flat out say something sucks, but they will tell me. Trust me.
  2. I got another $1000.00 scholarship! WOOHOO! In 3 years, I've now received 4 scholarships! The grand total is now up to $5000! I hope I get more next year too! I guess working hard really does pay off ;)
So what's happening in your life? How are your stories going?

Sunday, March 14

2010 Books

So I thought I'd post all of the books I've read so far this year. Some of them-- okay, a lot of them-- are beta books, but they still count *stomps feet*
Okay, so this isn't quite in order, but it's close enough. As well, these are only the books I managed to finish. If I put in how many books I picked up but stopped reading halfway through out of boredom, the list would be more than doubled.

1. Goddess of the Hunt by Tessa Dare
2. The Monk: A Romance by M. G. Lewis
3. The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain
4. Playing Easy To Get by Kresley Cole5. Deep Kiss of Winter by Kresley Cole
6. Promise Me Tonight by Sara Lindsey
7. A Highlander's Destiny by Melissa Mayhue
8. England’s Troubles by Jonathon Scott
9. Honor Among Thieves by Wendy Sparrow (beta book)10. Guest of Honor by Wendy Sparrow (beta book)11. Back in Black by Lori Foster
12. My Antonia by Willa Cather
13. Pleasure of a Dark Prince by Kresley Cole14. Fallen by Lauren Kate15. No Rest For the Wicked by Kresley Cole16. Place of Honor by Wendy Sparrow (beta book)17. Scorched by Wendy Sparrow (beta book)18. Lady of Persuasion by Tessa Dare
I wish I could include all my textbooks, poems, short stories, and boring 19th century essays I've had to read. This list would be so long and so boring, LOL! It would look impressive though ;)
I only disliked one in this whole pile (a published book), but I wont say which one. As well, "The Monk: A Romance" was disturbing on so many levels. However, I appreciate it for the horror novel it was meant to be.
Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them?

Wednesday, March 10

My Muse Wants Me Dead

That's the only explanation for her fickle behaviour. Seriously, the witch has it out for me. She wants blood. My blood. Not only is she uncooperative when I need her to work, she decides she wants to work when I can't!

Weekend One: 3500 words. Started the story, everything went smoothly. Yay!

Weekend Two: 500ish words. Struggled a lot with writing because of personal matters going on.

Weekend Three (last weekend): I managed to make it through the beginning of a scene that has been making me pull my hair in frustration. The problem was, I had a very specific image of how the scene was to begin, but I just couldn't get it on paper. But I finally got it down! WOO!

After that, I needed to have some information sprinkled in about how my hero William arrived in the Holy Land. I did not want to include him getting there or him searching for my heroine Adeena for weeks, because quite honestly, it wasn't important enough of a scene to put in. It would have slowed the whole thing down. However, I do need to include the information somehow, so that my readers aren't like, "HUH? How did he get there?!"

So I decided on some internal dialogue (ID). Normally ID isn't hard for me, but for this one I didn't want to make it seem like I was telling the reader everything. I wanted it to be completely natural.

So, how are your stories coming along? Do you have any advice for working with internal dialogue? Are there some things you just hate reading in ID? etc...

Tuesday, March 9

What Do You Skim?

What type of blog posts do you skim through the most?

This has been a topic on my mind a lot recently. With everyone getting so busy, a lot of people have become lurkers-- myself included. That's not to say I never comment, but I have been cutting back a lot lately. I just don't have the time to comment-- or read-- everyone's blogs. But, that just makes me wonder, what prompts me to read certain blogs over others? Is there a specific topic I read more often than not?

I've compiled a small list of things I am more likely to skim through:

  • Book reviews. I know I'm a writer, but honestly, after reading the first review of the book (generally on Amazon etc...), I ALWAYS skip the other 100. I'd rather make my own opinion than go off of others. Unless it's my Mum's opinion-- I always trust hers ;)
  • Long winded essay posts. I know I've had a few myself, but these truly drive me insane. I just can't devote that much time to reading a blog. Now, that being said, I do read them if I'm close friends with the person. I know it's not very fair, but.... *shrugs*
  • Posts that don't seem to have a point. Rambling? I don't have time for most days.
  • Posts with large, glaring errors. Seriously, blogger has a spell-check-- USE IT! As well, blog posts that don't follow the grammar rules... *grinds teeth* You can be as relaxed and "chill" as you want, but COMMAS AND PERIODS ARE NECESSARY! AND PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF WRITING, CAPITALIZE THE FIRST WORD IN EVERY SENTENCE!!

*Takes a deep breath*

So, what do you skim through? Have you become a lurker recently? What sorts of blog posts do you dislike?

Monday, March 8

The Ground Beneath Me-- Grade 8 Poem

Hello guys, I tried to come up with a blog post for today but came up blank. So here's one of the poems that I got published in grade 9 (wrote it in grade 8). Please keep that in mind when reading it, lol!

The Ground Beneath Me
Friendship is like walking,
you have a rhythm,
you have a beat.
You trust the ground,
to keep you on your feet.

I trust you like I trust,
the wind to blow.
I trust you like I do
the grass to grow.
I trust you like I trust
the sun to rise…
and to set.

You are my rhythm,
you are my beat,
you are the one that keeps me,
on my feet.

Natalie Murphy

Sunday, March 7


1.In 2006 I travelled to Jamaica and camped in the jungle, where I was bitten by a spider. My leg swelled up to an alarming size and the wound got all blue and hard.

TRUE!!! I know this picture isn't the best, but it was taken 5 DAYS after the bite and it was still so swollen and icky. (Yes, I will do a Jamaica post eventually).

2.I was once on a plane that was struck by lightning... twice. By the time we landed, the plane was smoking, so we were rushed out into the rain. It took hours for our luggage to be removed. FALSE! Although this did not happen to me, this happened to the plane I was supposed to take from Chicago to Calgary over Christmas break. I was delayed for hours in the airport because they had to get us another plane (duh)!

3.My Mum and I were once stuck in the middle of a farmer's field in the middle of nowhere. It was winter, and my Mum had to walk 10 miles through blizzard-like conditions to reach the main road. Once she was there, no one would stop. By the time someone did stop and she called my Dad and got some help, it was 4.5 hours of me sitting in a truck by myself. Oh, and 4 coyotes decided to circle the vehicle, even though I practically laid on the horn.
TRUE!!! This actually happened only a few weeks ago. Some of you picked up on my blah mood that week, but I never told anyone what had happened. Perhaps I will make that a post for another day.

4.I had 2 of my poems published in poetry anthologies when I was 13.
TRUE! Perhaps I will post my old poems one day for you guys to see =)

5.When The Fellowship of the Ring was out, I saw it 12 times in the theatres.
FALSE! I only saw it in the theatres 4 or 5 times. My Mum however, saw it 12 times.

6.I had my gall bladder removed in grade 9 (age 14).
TRUE!! I had so many stones, they stopped counting at 50.

7.I have had 6 roommates in college over the past 3 years
FALSE!! Over the past 3 years I have had 12 roommates (one of them I've had twice). No, this isn't a reflection on me being a bad roommate, lol! I live in an apartment with 3 other girls, so having 9 roommates by this point is normal. However, a bunch of them dropped out, and I got new roommates to fill those rooms, so yeah. You get the picture.
If you made a guess, the award is yours to do with as you please.

Thursday, March 4

Meme & Lies!

Howdy everyone! I thought today would be a good day to catch up on some of the stuff I've been putting off! So I will be doing both a meme and an award!

I have been tagged in a meme by Tina over at Sweet Niblets! Thanks sweetie!

The rules are really easy. All I have to do is fill in the blanks after each bold word and tag 3 of my friends.

I like my soft blue housecoat
I like the smell and sound of rain
I like running through canola fields
I like hugs, especially reunion ones.
I like sweeping romance stories/movies
I like candles. The way they smell and the way they flicker in the darkness calms me.
I like warm summer breezes blowing through my window to ruffle my curtains
I like walking on train tracks in the middle of the country
I like cuddling with my puppy Daisy.
I like diving. I haven't done it for a while, but I love the freedom of flying, and the freedom of plunging to the deepest depths of the pool.
I like the Rocky Mountains and the smell of evergreen trees.
I like the sound of skates on ice-- figure skating and hockey. They both soothe me.
I love that my parents and I have such a wonderful relationship.
Today was GOOD! It's Thursday, baby! That means I get to go home soon! WOOHOO!
I hate trash talk, or negativity of any kind
I hate seaweed-- it ruins a perfectly good beach experience every time!
I hate fat on meat. It makes me sick.
I hate how gross I feel after flying
I hate obliviousness. Not only is it rude, but it can hurt.
I hate spiders *shudders*
I hate it when people chew with their mouth open

I hate it when I accidentally smoosh my chap-stick
I (secretly) like dancing. I don't think I'm very good at it, so I never dance for real with people around.
I love gardens. I've never been a gardener, but my Mum has always kept fantastic gardens. They're wonderful places to just sit and talk, or write.

Who to tag, who to tag?

B. E. at The Writing Spectacle
Julie at Silver Lining
Shannon at Book Dreaming

Okay, now I have already received this award, but I hadn't done the "requirements" and I hadn't passed it on. However, Anne Riley passed it on to me again (thanks!!) so I figured this time I'd do it *sighs dramatically* LOL!

Anyway, 4 of these are true, and 3 are false.

  1. In 2006 I travelled to Jamaica and camped in the jungle, where I was bitten by a spider. My leg swelled up to an alarming size and the wound got all blue and hard.
  2. I was once on a plane that was struck by lightning... twice. By the time we landed, the plane was smoking, so we were rushed out into the rain. It took hours for our luggage to be removed.
  3. My Mum and I were once stuck in the middle of a farmer's field in the middle of nowhere. It was winter, and my Mum had to walk 10 miles through blizzard-like conditions to reach the main road. Once she was there, no one would stop. By the time someone did stop and she called my Dad and got some help, it was 4.5 hours of me sitting in a truck by myself. Oh, and 4 coyotes decided to circle the vehicle, even though I practically laid on the horn.

  4. I had 2 of my poems published in poetry anthologies when I was 13.

  5. When The Fellowship of the Ring was out, I saw it 12 times in the theatres.

  6. I had my gall bladder removed in grade 9 (age 14).
  7. I have had 6 roommates in college over the past 3 years
Any guesses?

Wednesday, March 3

WIP Wednesday

Sadly, I don't have much to report today. The weekend was pretty lousy, so I didn't get much done. I was just too stressed to focus on my writing. Oh well. Hopefully this weekend will be better!

Not much to report on the personal side of life. I did really well on my Anthropology midterm (88%... A). I also got another (A) in my Romantic Lit class, and I got an (A-) on that horrid book review I had to write a few weeks ago for history. I'm just waiting back to hear about my American Lit midterm that I took on Monday. I think it went pretty well, so I'm not worried.

Other than that, nothing has been going on. Just workin'.

However, there is something I would like to talk to you guys about. Recently I've been noticing a lot of negativity about writing on both Twitter and on the blog-o-sphere. Now yes, you're allowed to have bad days, weeks, and even months, and you're allowed to share it with the writing community. BUT, you have to be very careful that you don't come across as whiny. Remember, agents look at blogs... and if they see that you're riddled with doubts and whine about your writing, they aren't as likely to sign you.

As well, it annoys the ever-living crap out of me to see people doubting their work CONSTANTLY. This isn't the odd comment here or there, this is constant ridicule of their own work, and it DRIVES ME INSANE! Making comments like "now, don't laugh...."* as they show their work and "well, I suck" is not good. Not only is it annoying to other people, but it doesn't help your own self esteem. And remember, if it bugs me--your friend!--how do you think agents would react?

*I changed this to avoid confusion. Earlier I had it as something like "now don't laugh until after you leave my blog" but a friend was joking about that on her blog, so it made it sound like I was talking about her. But I wasn't! =) *

Monday, March 1

Golden Moments

Since the Olympics are done *sniff sniff* I thought I'd share some of my favourite moments with you. I tried to go somewhat in order, but a lot of this is just off the top of my head.

  1. The opening ceremonies. I don't care what some people say, I thought they were spectacular. The music was lovely, the light-show was amazing, and I love how they incorporated the aboriginal peoples-- about damn time, in my opinion.
  2. I love how everyone showed their respect for the Georgian Team. What a show of unity and respect by the world. Gave me hope for the future.
  3. Alexander Bilodeau winning the first gold on home soil and hugging his brother. I cried like a baby.
  4. Shaun White. I think that's enough said.
  5. The women's curling final. Though Canada didn't win gold, it was a golden moment to watch. It was a good game and they should be proud of their silver!
  6. The men's curling final. Brought home the gold, baby! Some spectacular shots were made by our boys-- and finally Kevin Martin got his gold!
  7. The women's hockey final. Man, what a game to watch! I think both teams played very well and deserved to be standing side by side on that podium.
  8. The awards ceremony for women's hockey. When the USA was getting their medals, they looked quite glum, so the entire arena--filled to the brim with red and white jerseys-- stood up and chanted "USA, USA, USA!" So proud of my country.
  9. Charles Hamelin winning gold in men's 500m speed skating.
  10. Joannie Rochette winning bronze. She skated beautifully, and just by watching it, you knew her mom was there with her.
  11. This isn't a specific time, but all of the times people broke out into O' Canada. Unlike the USA, our anthem isn't sung very often. At games, sure, but not randomly as a show of unity and pride. That all changed with these games. People sang our anthem across the country, from Vancouver to Calgary to Halifax.
  12. Along the same lines, the overall show of national pride. Wearing the colours, screaming and cheering, crying in joy and sadness-- it all happened with these games.
  13. I'm not sure if the American coverage showed this, but our Prime Minister Stephen Harper attended almost every major game. There he was, just sittin' in the crowd talking to people. Would that EVER happen in the USA? You'd need a bazillion security guards to protect Obama... but there sat our leader, talking to random people while watching curling.
  14. The men's hockey final. Jesus, Mary and Joseph WHAT A GAME! USA scoring in that last minute nearly gave me a heart attack! That was one of the best games I've ever seen. Regardless of what anyone says, we were well-matched and deserved to be standing side by side.

Yes, I know most of these are Canadian athletes and moments, but I AM Canadian, lol!

In the end, USA led the medal count with 37 total (9, 15, 13). Germany was second with 30 (10, 13, 7), and Canada was third with 26 (14!!!!!!!!, 7, 5).

I loved watching the games. My family and I don't tend to watch much TV, but it was on constantly for the past two weeks. We're die-hard Olympic fans.

What were your favourite moments?

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