Tuesday, January 18


Okay, so any title with the word "minion" in it has to be good right? ;)

Anyway, I was reading through some blogs earlier (*gasp* I was actually reading blogs? No way!), and B.E. Sanderson had this interesting post on EditMinion, a website that actually "edits" your work for you. Interesting huh? I tried it and got all green on my report card! Yay! I didn't have any passive voice in my blurb either!

You all should try it, just for fun!  If you do, come back here and tell me what you got!!


  1. I just found out about this site. It's gold I tell ya;) I'll try it out later and tell you what I got.

  2. I LOVE edit minion!! My first chapter got all green too :)


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