Wednesday, January 19

WIP Wednesday

My goodness, when was the last time I've done one of these? Months, probably. Oopsie!!

Anywho... Since its been so long since I've updated you on my writing progress, I figured today would be the best time to do it!

Struck (YA Paranormal Romance):
  • Ahhh where do I begin with Struck? I love it, I hate it, yadda yadda.The word count is currently at 15, 514, or 58 pages. Unfortunately, I stopped writing completely in November and December due to school work and surgery. I hope to pick it up again on a more permanent basis.
  • A few weeks ago I decided to plot out the whole thing. It went really well, but I'm still nervous about the story. I'm having a lot of troubles with the fact that its a YA. My romance stories have always leaned towards the hot side, so I don't know the YA boundaries very well ;)
Medieval Romance (Querying)
  • You know, I just realized that I haven't ever told you guys the title of my story, have I? Ah, I shall continue to keep it a sekret lol. Anyway, querying has been fantastic so far. As always, I wont give you my stats, but I will say that they are very, very good.
  • Even if nothing comes of this story, I'll be okay. I'm already plotting my next medieval and I hope to start it in the next week or two (eeks!) I'm excited, but nervous.
Well, that's all the news I have right now. I plan on writing this week/weekend, so I'll hopefully have more to update by next Wednesday!!

So how are your stories going? What stage are you in?

*Currently Reading: Game for Love by Bella Andre*


  1. Sorry your YA is giving you troubles. Now that your arm is better and things are evening out, you need to kick its butt. And yay for positive query experiences. You'll have to pony up the deets one of these days (in email if you're not comfortable posting them).

    Right now, I'm nearing the end of my WIP's first draft, procrastinating in the query process for Djinnocide, and trying to find the right epub to submit my suspense novel to. It's fun fun fun here. ;o)

  2. B.E.- Lol thats okay. My YA is fun to write, but I dont expect much to come out of it, you know? LOL but my query deets are a sekret ;) Why are you procrastinating with Djinnocide??

  3. So glad to hear that your querying is going well! That's so exciting. Good luck!

    As for my writing, I'm working on my query letter and about to start sending it out. In the meantime, I'm also plotting out my next book, though I haven't begun that in earnest yet. I love this stage - so many possibilities!

  4. Caryn- Thank you! Eeeks, query letter, eh? I hated writing mine. It took me 16 DAYS. Gah! My poor CPs saw a million verions lol. Are you excited to query? Nervous? Both? lol.

  5. Shifting gears from an adult to a YA is really difficult sometimes in my opinion.

    I'm in revision purgatory rather than writing anything new. Le sigh.

  6. I hope your writing suddenly suprises you! Stay positive. Getting off line to write takes discipline sometimes. I am re-editing novels and short stories at the moment. Maybe the catogory doesn't matter as much as just getting the story down. You know, whatever comes. You can always tweak later. Good Luck!

    Jacqueline Howett. Author of The Greek Seaman, ebook.

  7. Wendy- Yes, I agree. However, I started Struck when I was still writing my medieval and I loved it then. I adored being able to switch gears that way. I think I just need to do that again. Have a clearly established adult book and a clearly established YA book. =) UGH! Revisions? *shudders* Good luck, darling!!!

    Jacqueline- Hello! Yes, thats true. I'm a perfectionist though lol. And I dont want to shock my CPs with an adult-like YA ;) Tis okay. I already started my newest book and its going wonderfully so far! =)

  8. Struck reads beautifully so far. I'm so excited to hear you've plotted it out!

    *continues to send positive query energy*

    *fingers are still crossed. Along with toes and eyes*

  9. Di- Awww thank you *beams* Heheh, thanks for the good, positive energy =)

  10. I'm just starting revisions for my book :)
    Yay for good querying! Good luck!

  11. KT- Eeeks, exciting! Revisions are always *so* much fun, LOL. And thank you!


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