Wednesday, January 26

WIP Wednesday

Hello all! I hope your week has been lovely so far! Mine has been very productive!

Sekret Medieval Romance: Querying
  • After some very helpful feedback, I decided to revise chapters 1 and 2. We'll see whether or not anyone likes the changes I've made! =)
Struck (YA Paranormal Romance)
  • I've done nothing on Struck this week. Oops! However, I do hope to write the next chapter in the next few days!
  • Word Count: Still at 15, 514
A Highlander's Ransom (Medieval Romance)
  • Eeeks! I can't tell you how much I'm loving this story so far. I've done quite a bit of research, and I've plotted out the major points of the story! I'm very excited.
  • I've finished the first chapter and sent it off to my CPs for some feedback. Three of four have responded and so far they seem to like it! Yay!
  • I'm now working on the second chapter and I can't wait to see how this story unfolds!!
  • Word Count: 2,515 (hopefully 3,500 by the end of the day)
So, how are your stories coming along?? Any exciting news?


  1. I hope your revisions go smoothly and that you can get back to Struck. How awesome is it that you're loving your new medieval romance? Way to go. =o)

    After sitting down and figuring out where I was going wrong with my WIP, I hit a patch of 'too frickin' tired to write', but I am getting back to it soon. The end is in sight. =o)

  2. I'm excited about Highlander's Ransom... I hope that means the next chapter is almost ready!

  3. B.E.- Im sorry, I had it worded badly the first time. Ive already done the revisions, Im just waiting to see what people think =) And I know! I'm so excited about it =D Awww! Im sorry youre having a rough time. I hope it picks up soon!!!

    Di- Aww thank you! Hah, yeah... sure... *backs away quickly*

  4. Good luck on querying! And WOW on your word count!


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