Thursday, February 3

Awesome Canadian Music

Alright, so my critique partners just informed me that they have no idea who Metric is.  I find this inexcusable. Metric is only one of the best bands of this generation. Not joking. They also happen to be Canadian. Which just makes them that much cooler.


  1. I'll have to confess to not knowing METRIC either, but that has changed. Me likes! :)

  2. DL- *sighs* tis alright, I'll forgive you ;)

  3. Oops. One of those CPs was me *cringe* But NOW I love Metric!!

    Nat's a good influence on my manuscript AND my taste in music!! :D

  4. Di- Heheh tis okay ;) It's hard to know about music if the radio stations dont play it! Aww thanks <3


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