Thursday, February 24


Hello all!

Since it's been a week since my last post, I thought I'd give you an update!

Okay, so for everyone who has inquired in the last week, Grandad is doing much better. He's still at the hospital, but he's on the mend.  Thank you for all of your warm thoughts and prayers, they've meant a lot. ♥

Next... My own surgery went well. Unfortunately, I don't know many details. When I finally came to at the hospital, my surgeon was too busy to come say hello. I don't see him for another week, so I won't really know how it went until then. Oh well, I suppose, LOL. Anyway, the swelling hasn't been as bad this time around, so yay! As well, I haven't been as dizzy. However, the pain has been 10 x worse than last time. I guess there's always a tradeoff, heheh.

So how have you guys been?? Any exciting news?


  1. So glad to hear about Granddad. And yay to the dizzy but boo to the pain. Nothing exciting going on here. Unless you think revisions are exciting...

  2. I'm glad your Grandad is doing better and the surgery went okay - at least with the swelling and the dizziness. Sorry it hurts worse, though. I'm sending positive thoughts for a speedy recovery.

    Nothing exciting going on here. Just more of the same.

  3. Glad the surgeries went well. But I hope your pain doesn't last long. :(

    Anything new? Well...I bought a yellow jacket for $7. Does that count?
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  4. Tina- ♥ thanks, love. And no, revisions are never exciting lmao

    B.E.- Thank you, hun! I still need to email you back... *eyes inbox* lol

    Catherine- Thank you! It gets better every day =) Wow! $7? I love it when I find a good deal like that.


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