Monday, March 14

The 5 Rules of Being a Good Critique Partner

Hello all! So today I thought I would do a blog post on the 5 rules (in my opinion) that every critique partner should follow.
  • Be Quick: No one likes a slowpoke. I know life gets in the way, but being a critique partner is a job you need to take seriously. Taking several weeks to get back one chapter isn't right, especially if the person is waiting for your feedback so they can continue revising.

  • Be Thorough: In my opinion, this one is very obvious. Don't let things slide simply because they're your friend. I tell my CPs everything I find and then some. Does this mean that some critiques are full of comments? Yes. But at least this way, my CPs know I'm being honest, which leads into my next point...

  • Be Honest: Dishonesty is something I can't stand. If you have to give someone tough news, so be it. It's better than lying, and it's part of the business. We all need to have thick skin to survive. If you can't take it right now, you need to learn how.

  • Be Respectful: Of course, being honest doesn't mean you're being disrespectful. In a critique, you need to give positive feedback as well. I know sometimes it can be hard to find good things (ouchie), but you need to do it.

  • Be There For Your Fellow Critique Partners: Being a CP isn't simply critiquing someone else's work. You need to be there for them. You should want to be there for them. In my opinion, you need to be friends with your critique partners. I talk to my CPs daily--I can't imagine going 24 hours without talking to them. They're there for me, for every aspect of my life.
So there you have it! Those are the 5 things I think every CP should follow! Of course, this list was rather broad, and didn't get into the nitty gritty aspects of a CP relationship, but that's a post for another day, I think.

Which point do you think is the most important? Do you have any other points to add?


  1. I think thorough and honest are huge. And kind. I have been really lucky, and the women I have shared my work with have always pointed out the strong parts of my work. I think that's important. Every time I get a critique back, I cringe, because I KNOW my writing sucks. I am SURE that I should just give up and go home. There are so many little comments and "track changes" thingy's that I just want to close the project down and bury my head. But then I suck it up and start reading, and in between those suggested changes are things like: "This made me sad" and "ROFLMAO". Which makes me believe it's worth it to keep going.
    Great post!

  2. Teri- Yes, kindness is a must have. I love "track changes" and "comments." I always make sure to have good comments for every critique I do. I often just talk to the author or the characters about whatever is going on, lol. It tends to come across in a very amusing way, I've been told.

    Thanks for stopping by =)


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