Wednesday, March 23

New Look

Hello all!

So I decided my blog needed a new look. Although I adored my old blog background, it was a bit...girly. And by a bit, I mean a lot. I loved it, but I needed something new.  So here it is!  Let me know what you think =) Some of the old posts might have some funky colours happening, but I can't change all of them.

As well, I changed my Twitter background too. Go check it out! The link is on the sidebar. If you're not following me already, friend me!



  1. I love the new look - very warm and Medieval!

  2. Ellen- Thanks!!! That's what I was going for =)

    B.E.- Thanks darling =)

  3. I like it. :)

    You can go into the html code under design > html to change things. Whenever I switch to a new template I change font size and color to my liking. But yours looks fine.

  4. Medeia- I actually changed a huge portion of the template to my liking lol. I used the blog design thing, where I can change font and colours etc etc =)


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