Wednesday, March 16

WIP Wednesday

Hello all!

I haven't done a writing update for a while, so I thought I'd do it today! =)

Struck (YA Paranormal):
  • Current word count: 16, 621 words
  • Current page count: 66 pages
  • I've had a sudden burst of inspiration recently. I've written quite a bit the last few days, so I'm happy. With how busy I am with school, any words are good words ;)
A Highlander's Ransom (Medieval Romance):
  • Current word count: 5004 words
  • Current page count: 20 pages
  • This story has been a bit more difficult than I'd first assumed. While I adore the words I do have down, they've been hard won. However, I still love this story. I can't wait to see where this goes =)
How are your stories coming along? Any exciting news? 


  1. Good job on the words for Struck! And sorry you're not having an easy time with Highlander's Ransom. Keep plugging away. You'll get it. =o)

    I'm in my late winter slump, so nothing's getting tackled. It's the time of year when I just feel 'meh' about everything. I wish I had writerly news. The only news I have is that Daughter got her housing assignment at CSU and we signed up for college orientation this June. Five more months and my daughter will be off to school. Gah.

  2. Yay, wordage! Congrats!

    I haven't really been doing much by way of writing lately. This weekend, perhaps.

  3. B.E.- Thanks! I actually wrote over 900 words on AHR last night, so hopefully its turning around now!! =) Aww Im sorry. This is the time I start to get really active, writing-wise. Dead of winter drains me. I write in the spring and summer-- I get more inspired. Idk why. Woohoo for your daughter! It'll be tough for you, but you can do it ;)

    Stephanie- Hello hun!! Im sorry to hear that. Hopefully things will pick up soon =)

  4. Yay for the sudden burst of inspiration! Good for you!

    My WIP is coming along. Just plugging away... :)

  5. Dawn- Thanks!! =) Plugging away is all you can do. I'm glad it's going well though!


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