Wednesday, March 23

WIP Wednesday

Hello all! Since today's Wednesday it's time for a writing update! Woohoo!

Struck (Paranormal YA):
  • Current word count: 18, 050 words
  • Current page count: 71 pages
  • This story is still going really well =) I finished chapter 10 and I'm very happy with how it's going. I've now started chapter 11 and it seems to be going really well.
A Highlander's Ransom (Medieval Romance):
  • Current word count: 7007 words
  • Current page count: 27 pages
  • I finally finished chapter 2! Yay!!! I hope it's good. I've sent it to my CPs, so we'll find out soon what they think =) I've now started chapter 3 and it's gone so quickly.
So how are your stories going? Any news?


  1. Good job! You go girl.

    I started a different new story a few days ago. I'm still feeling my way around until I hit on the right thing to work on. And no news yet. I'm just sitting here with my fingers crossed.

  2. B.E.- Thanks!! Are you enjoying the new story??


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