Monday, May 2

Final Grades

Hello all!

So I now have my final grades for this semester! After everything I had to deal with in the last 4 months, I'm sooo happy with them.

Film History: 84% (A-)
Canadian Drama: 84% (A-)
Ancient Greece:  88% (A-)
History of Latin America: 90% (A)

So as you can see, I stayed pretty consistent in all areas ;)


  1. Aw awesome job! Congrats :) It looks like your grading system works differently than ours?

  2. KT- Thanks! And how so? Here, each dept has their own grading system. Like, an (A) in history is different than an (A) in English. Of course, there's some overlap on grades, but thats the gist of it.

  3. Well, a B- is from 80-83%, B is from 84-87, B+ is 88-89, A-90-93, and so forth. And that's how it pretty much works for C's and below as well.

  4. Ahh, okay. No, not that way here. Alberta actually has one of the hardest educational systems in the world, so our grading reflects that a bit more. The average is in the 70s here because the level of difficulty is higher.

  5. Excellent job, Nattie!! I bet you are super excited to be done! Next week is my last week of school and the week after that is finals. So I will be done on the 18th and I cannot WAIT! Now you just have to sit back and enjoy your summer!!

  6. Court- Thanks, hun! Yeah, Im very happy. Exhausted though. Woohoo!! May 18th isnt that far away =) Good luck on your finals!


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