Friday, May 27

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Let me start this post by saying I adore stormy weather--rain, wind, grey clouds, lightning... I love it all. It doesn't matter how chilly it is, I truly enjoy such days (except for snow-- I loathe snow/winter with all of my being). That being said, I am tired of rain right now. Mother Nature, you've won.  I bow to your greatness... now stop the rain!!!

But I suppose I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me start at the beginning... On Sunday, it began to rain here... and it hasn't stopped since. Yes, we're on our sixth full day of stormy weather. I mean, c'mon. We don't live in Vancouver or Seattle! We shouldn't be getting this much precipitation!  The province (Alberta) has actually put out flood water warnings. As well, my dad had to come home early from work today because the work site was flooded (he's a carpenter). So I suppose this is my plea for the rain to stop. Please dear God make it stop!

How is the weather where you are? Bright and sunny, I hope!!  Do you guys have any plans for the American May Long? (Canada's holiday was last weekend).  I'm busybusybusy this weekend. I have to finish shopping and pack for my trip to Virginia! I leave June 1st and I don't get back until August 10th--Man, is it difficult to pack for over two months! Eeeks!


  1. I love the rain too! I'm actually near Seattle, so we get oodles. That said, I do not like cold weather. I'm kind of wimpy that way.

    Yeah, that must be hard, packing for such a long trip! I hope you have an awesome time in Virginia! :)

  2. Dawn- In my books, it's not wimpy to dislike cold weather; it's smart, LOL. When it's raining, I really dont mind putting on a sweater to stay warm--but if it's snowing...*shakes head*

    Yes, it really is! Thank you!!!

  3. I love rain. The noise helps me go to sleep. The only time I hate it is when my area starts flooding.

    It's sunny right now, but I know rain will come this summer.

  4. Medeia- Yeah, I love the rain too, just not when it rains constantly for an entire week.


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