Sunday, June 5

This Makes Me Sick

I know I'm probably really behind on the times right now, but I just had to post the link to this article talking about YA books. It makes me sick to know that some people still judge a book and its author based on content. I know it shouldn't surprise me, especially as a romance author, but it does. Teens swear, drink, do drugs, and engage in heinous pranks. Not all teens do this, of course. But enough of them do to warrant these types of books. In any case, teenagers are not stupid. If you censor what they read, they'll only want to read the "bad stuff" more. Gah! Anyway, I hope you read the link and let me know what you think about it.

*By the way, I'm in Virginia safe and sound-- boy is it hot here!*


  1. I couldn't even finish reading the article, it made me so mad. I don't blame you for being sick from it, I am too. It only motivates me to continue writing what feels right and real to me, no matter the genre.


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