Thursday, September 15


Alright guys, sorry I didn't post a WIP Wednesday yesterday. After getting home from school I had dinner then fell asleep at an embarrassingly early time lol. I'll do one next week, I promise!

Anyway, today I thought I'd post what classes I'm taking this semester. Since I'm likely to comment (or complain) about them on here, Twitter, and Facebook I thought you'd want to know what the heck I'm talking about!  As you'll probably notice, most of my classes are first or second year courses. Yes, I did this on purpose, LOL. I had four more electives to take, so I decided to make them super easy--and interesting ;)

In order of how my classes appear on my schedule:

History 2237: Modern European Intellectual History
  • Class Summary: In general terms, this class surveys the key ideas and thinkers who have shaped the European intellectual/cultural experience from the 18th century Enlightenment to World War II.
  • My commentary so far: I like my professor. He was actually my Ancient Greece professor last semester and he was great. Reminds me of Plato or Socrates. He's tall and plump, with a big white Santa Clause beard and old spectacles. He also has a deep voice, which tends to put me into a daze, unfortunately. Other than that, the subject should be interesting. I've already covered most of the people he plans on studying, but that's to be expected after so many years.
Anthropology 2270: Archaeology of Egypt and the Nile Valley
  • Class Summary: This course provides an overview of the development of civilizations along the Nile. Emphasis will be placed upon the archaeological evidence, history, and epigraphy in understanding two major civilizations of the Nile Valley: Egypt and Kush.
  • My commentary so far: I'm not quite sure what to say about my professor. He seems nice enough, but he's very anti-technology in the classroom, which in this day and age is just ridiculous.  As well, we've already had one quiz. I don't mind, but c'mon. One week in? Other than that, the subject is really interesting. I've covered Ancient Egypt and the several other Nile Valley civilizations in other classes, but I'm hoping I'll learn something new.
English 4440: Select Topics in Literature of the Long Nineteenth Century, 1790-1917: Pre-Raphaelite
  • Class Summary: Founded in 1848, the original Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood banded together in revolt against the classicism of the Royal Academy. An avant-garde movement, the PRB strove to create work that was more spiritually pure, more naturalistically real, and more emotionally authentic than that of their predecessor Sir Joshua Reynolds.
  • My commentary so far: UGH! This class is a slow, painful torture and we're only a week in. I didn't want to take it, but I need it for my major. The literature is soooooo dry. On top of that, I'm not a huge fan of the professor I have. I've had her before, and she's really snobby. God help me.
Anthropology 1105: Ancient Peoples and Places
  • Class Summary: This course is a global survey of the human past. All stages of human development will be covered, from the emergence of early hunting and gathering societies to the domestication of plants and animals, sedentism, and the emergence of complex cultures.
  • My commentary so far: Lmao, this class is a joke. I knew it would be since it's only a first year class, but I decided to take something easy. The only problem is, it might be too easy for me. I've already covered every single topic in other classes--there's not much to keep my interest. However, the professor seems nice enough, so I'm sure that'll help.
History 2207: Histories of Western Sexualities
  • Class Summary: This class will examine the various histories of western sexualities from ancient Greece to the present. Special attention will be paid to the the history of same-sex love.
  • My commentary so far: Do you remember my Plato professor from the beginning of this post? Well, he's my professor for this class too, LOL.  Anyway, I'm not sure about this class yet. I've heard such fantastic things from other history students, so I decided to take it. However, the subject matter is a delicate one. I just hope my professor deals with it appropriately.  I also have a feeling class discussions will get heated.

So there you have it! My last five classes as an undergrad!

*All class summaries were borrowed from the course outlines*

**Just a quick note... Vampire Diaries season three starts tonight! Woohoo!**


  1. Wow, you're taking some AWESOME sounding classes! I'm very jealous - my university doesn't offer anything nearly as interesting, though I *am* doing a subject that involves a lot of talk about Buffy and Firefly, so, not a complete loss :)

  2. Caitlin- Haha yeah. I saved up a bunch of electives until the end so I could do whatever I wanted. LOL! Yeah, you cant complain too much ;)

  3. What a great idea to take a bunch of electives your last year - wish I'd done that! You're such a smartie. :D

    Did you love the season premiere of TVD or what? I drooled over evil Stefan. And Damon looked hawt all covered in soapy bubbles. ;)

  4. Sounds like you've got an interesting mix of classes for your last semester. Way smart to save electives for the end. =o)

    You're at the end and Daughter's just beginning. Man, time flies.

  5. Jena- =D I wanted to make my last semester as fun as possible. Ive heard horror stories, so I decided I was going to do things differently. Of course, that also meant I had other semesters that were horrid, but oh well.

    OMG!! YES! I actually liked evil Stefan more than good Stefan. It seemed like he had more depth, knowing he wasn't always this perfect guy. LOL! Damon covered in bubbles = YUM! I also loved Caroline and Tyler. And that ending! I cant wait for next week =D

  6. B.E.- Yep! They're all pretty interesting so far (except for that stupid English class, LOL). Ugh, I know. I can't believe how quickly everything has flown by. How is your daughter doing in university so far??


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