Friday, September 16

Friday 56: Samuel Park

1) Grab the book nearest you. Right now. Don't dig for your favorite, the coolest, or most intellectual book. Use the closest book to you.

2) Turn to page 56

3) Post any sentence from that page (plus 1 or 2 others if you like) along with these instructions on your blog. If you don't have your own blog, feel free to post in the comments section of this blog.

Author: Samuel Park
Genre: Literary Fiction

"Soo-Ja could still remember the sting of her friend's words the last time she'd spoken to her, when Jae-Hwa accused Soo-Ja of not really being in love with Min.  Soo-Ja hadn't told Jae-Hwa about her night of passion--Jae-Hwa would have been shocked."


  1. You asked for the nearest book...

    During 1764-7, the Beast of Gevaudin terrorized parts of south-eastern France.

    Heh, all I had nearby was a reference book of supernatural beasties.

  2. B.E.- LOL! That book sounds interesting!

  3. Sounds like a winner. The cover art is lovely.

    My Friday 56 - Supernatural: Heart of the Dragon by Keith R.A. DeCandido

    "The arrow flew free and lodged itself right in the vampire's back, cutting through his blue jacket and imbedding itself in his spine."

  4. Jena- Yeah. Im sad to say I havent read it yet and Sam's a friend of mine! I had troubles getting my hands on a copy, then I got busy with school *sighs*

    Ohhh, vampires!!! Sounds good =)


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