Wednesday, November 9

8 Days of Classes Left!!!!!!

Hello all!

It's been a while since I've done an update, so I thought I'd do one today!  Okay, so I looked at my calendar, and yes, I only have 8 days of undergraduate classes left! OMG! My last day of classes is December 8th.  I can't believe it's almost here! I've been so busy this semester that I didn't realize how quickly everything was flying by! I will probably sob like a baby on that last day, LOL.

Anyway, I also have my final exam schedule. I have one exam December 12th, two on December 13th, one on December 14th, and my last on December 15th. Yep, 5 exams in 4 days. I'm going to be a bit stressed that week, I think ;)

Alright, so below are my classes and the assignments/exams I have left in them!


·         History 2237 (Intellectual European History):

o   1  book review

o   1 final exam

·         Anthropology 2270 (Ancient Egypt):

o   2 in class discussions

o   1 summary

o   1 term paper

o   1 final exam

·         English 4440 (Pre-Raphaelite):

o   3 journal entries

o   1 novel (read)

o   1 term paper

o   1 final exam

·         Anthropology 1105 (Ancient Peoples & Places):

o   1 term paper

o   1 final exam

·         History 2207 (History of Western Sexualities):

o   1 novel (read)

o   1 book review

o   1 test

o   1 final

So there you have it! I still have a few odd readings here and there, but I didn't put those down. This is just the big stuff I have left to do.  Eeeee! I can't believe I'm nearly done!


  1. I want to see graduation pics if you're doing the whole big graduation thing.

    The daughter (she's the KD who followed you on Twitter recently, btw) will be doing exams the same week as you. Her first set and your last. I can't believe it.

    Good luck with the exams and with getting all your work done. :hugs:

  2. Beth- I will be doing that, but my school only has graduation ceremonies in November and June. Unfortunately, that means I have to wait until June to walk across the stage and get my pictures done =(

    I didn't realize that was her!!! I get about 20-25 Twitter requests in a day, so I didn't even notice! If they don't look like spam I tend to follow back, *shrugs* LOL! I'll go say hello in a moment =)

    I know, that's actually really weird. Good thing I needed two surgeries and needed to take an extra semester, otherwise we wouldnt be having this weird cyclical moment ;)

    Thank you! I have one day off this week for "reading week." I love how one day off becomes an entire week. Right...*rolls eyes.* Anyway, I'll be tackling one of the novels and the two book reviews. Yay... LOL!

  3. Congrats on almost being done with school. Best of luck with your final exams!

  4. Jena- Thank you!!! Im very excited =D


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