Wednesday, November 16

Funny Comic & An Update

Update on School: What I have left...
  • 7 days of classes left
  • 29 total days left until I am 100% done my last semester of undergrad
History 2237 (Intellectual European History): 1 final exam
Anthropology 2270 (Ancient Egypt): 2 in class discussions; 1 term paper; 1 final exam
English 4440 (Pre-Raphaelite): 1 journal entry; read 1 novel; 1 term paper; 1 final exam
Anthropology 1105 (Ancient Peoples & Places): 1 term paper; 1 final exam
History 2207 (History of Western Sexualities): 1 quiz; 1 final exam

Personal Update:
  • For those who don't have Facebook or Twitter... I found my wedding dress!!! Eeee!!! No, I wont post pictures of it yet. However, I'll post some in August after Chris & I are married ;)

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