Friday, November 4

University Humour

Okay, so if you follow me on Facebook you're probably aware of my recent "university humour" posts. This is where I post funny things I overheard that day, or weird thoughts of mine during school. Well, they've been quite popular on Facebook, so I've decided to make them a weekly blog post. What do you think?

Alright, so some of you guys might be familiar with a few of these, but I thought I'd post them on here anyway.  Next week, I'll have a new post of university mishaps.

Incident One: Signs I've Been In Class Too Long...
  • "The girl sitting beside me has the hiccups. I’m extremely tempted to whip around and scream at her to see if it’ll get rid of them. I’m sure it’ll scare her, but it’ll probably scare quite a few other people too. My professor might not appreciate it either. He might think his lecture was so bad I broke down and lost my mind. This could very well be true, but the poor man doesn’t need to know that." -- Me
Incident Two: A conversation I overheard in my Ancient Peoples and Places class...
  • Girl in Purple: "So I was reading my book and I came across this place, Mesopotamia. God, I wish those barbarians used actual words, rather than coming up with gibberish."
  • Girl in Black: "Well, it wasn't gibberish to them. It's their language, I guess.
  • Girl in Purple: "Who cares? English is the only language that's important, even thousands of years ago."
  • Me: *trying not to laugh*
Incident Three: A conversation that took place in my Ancient Egypt class....
  • Professor: “Does anyone know when Jesus was born?”
  • Random Student: “October 12th, 34 BC”
  • Entire class: *silence...*
  • Professor: *clears throat* "Well.... That was oddly specific. Incorrect, but specific."
  • Random Student: "Um, it's not incorrect. The Bible says Jesus was 34 years old. You should know that, being an archaeology professor."
  • Professor: "Annnnd we're going to move on now."

Random Student: "Um, it's not incorrect. The Bible says Jesus was 34 years old. You should know that, being an archaeology professor."
Professor: "Annnnd we're going to move on now."Professor: *clears throat* “Well…. That was oddly specific. Incorrect, but specific.”
Random Student: "Um, it's not incorrect. The Bible says Jesus was 34 years old. You should know that, being an archaeology professor."
Professor: "Annnnd we're going to move on now."
Incident Four: Again in my Ancient Egypt class...
  • Professor: "Does anyone know what language was spoken during the Old Kingdom?"
  • Girl Student: "Old English."
  • Professor:  *trying not to laugh* “Did you just say Old English?”
  • Girl Student: “Yeah?”
  • Professor: *choking on laughter* “Are you sure you mean English?”
  • Girl Student: *obviously getting frustrated* “Yes! They spoke Old English in the Old Kingdom.”
  • Professor: “I think you mean Old Egyptian.”
  • Girl Student: “No, I don’t? Old Egyptian isn’t a language. Chaucer wrote in Old English and the Middle Kingdom was just a few decades later."
  • Professor: “Um, okay. Moving on...”
*Note: I mean, seriously? What’s wrong with this girl? Not only does Old English not exist during the Old Kingdom, but Chaucer wrote in Middle English, not Old English. And it was a little bit more than a few decades. Try 4000 years.*

So there you have it! My first installment of university humour. I hope you enjoyed ;)


  1. Those are great. As the mother of a new college freshman, I had the joy of sitting in an orientation session for parents of new pre-med students. After being reminded that our children are now college students, and that we are to let them (you) make their own decisions, PLEASE don't ever call a professor to ask about your child's grades, yada yada, the speaker moved on to undergraduate research opportunities.

    A mother raised her hand. "How can parents find out about these research projects? I really believe that I know my daughter better than she knows herself, so I would like to be able to guide her towards the right project."

    I took off my Queen Helicopter Mom crown and passed it to her.

  2. OMG, those are hilarious and also kinda scary. I wish I could remember some of the stories the Daughter has told me about stupid stuff said in her classes - by both students and profs. All I can think of right now is that her professors have been lamenting the fact that many students are using 'defiantly' in place of 'definitely' in their papers. I blame auto-correct and ignorance.

    I'm in the same boat with you, Teri. Scary stuff having a new college freshman.

  3. Teri- LOL! Wow, that's just insane! I cant imagine what that girl would think if she heard her mother say that. But you do bring up a good point. It must be really hard for parents to let go of their kids and trust that they'll make the right choices. Unfortunately for some parents, their children are just dumb (like the people from these stories, LOL).

  4. B.E.- Yes! They are scary! I mean, all of these occurred in 2nd level courses, so it's still pretty "beginner," so to speak, but this is just bad. When I decided to take easy classes in my last semester, I didn't think through all of the consequences, apparently. LOL! Yeah, I can't imagine what it's like to be a professor. Oh, some of the papers they must get... *cringes*

  5. I have two college-age students...the oldest is "on haiatus" because he can't seem to get it together (and doesn't like the alternatives, like joining the military or *gasp* getting a job)...but the younger one is learning a great deal from his brother's mistakes.

    It's WAY hard to let go, but some of them make it easier than others!

  6. Hilarious post! I can't wait for the next one.

  7. Teri- Uh oh! Im sure he'll figure stuff out soon. I have a lot of friends who took a break, too. They eventually went back ;) What are they taking (or took) in school?

  8. Jena- Thanks =) I had fun putting it together.

  9. I remember being in Finance and calling it Fisher's Price Theorem instead of Fisher's Separation Theorem.

    I was a new mother. Fisher Price is a toy company. My mind was not on Finance.

  10. Suzanne- Hello! Im glad you could make it over to my little corner of the web ;)

    LOL! Oh, that's too funny.


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