Friday, November 18

University Humour

Time for another university humour post!!!

Incident One: A conversation I heard while in the university library...
  • Blonde Barbie-Like Girl: *walks into the library with a group of other girls* “Oh my God, there are so many books here! I didn’t realize this place was so big!”
  • Other Girl: *rolls her eyes* “Yeah, it’s called a library, genius. There are books in a library.”
  • Blonde Barbie: “Oh. Do they have dictionaries here? I need to look up a word.”
  • Me: *thinking to myself as they walk away: Was the word “library” to big for you? I'm surprised you know what a dictionary is. Dumb ass.*
Incident Two: In my History of Western Sexualities Class...
  • Professor: “Okay, so for your book review you need to use Chicago style.”
  •  Random Student: “What’s Chicago style?”
  • Professor: “It’s a form of citation, specifically for history.”
  • Random Student: “Citation?”
  • Professor: “Yeah, you know, like MLA or APA....”
  • Random Student: *looks puzzled* “MLA, like… our… MLA?”
  • Professor: *snorts* “Do you mean like our Member of the Legislative Assembly?”
  • Random Student: “Yeah! That!”
  • Professor: “Uh, no. I mean MLA citation for English classes.”
  • Random Student: *blank look*
  • Professor: “Perhaps you should see me after class…”
Note: MLA stands for the Modern Language Association (of America).

Incident Three: Pop machine fiasco...
  • Alright, so I have to preface this incident by telling you a story of my own first.  After my class a few days ago, I was really thirsty so I decided to buy myself a bottle of water. I made my way to the pop machine with my toonie and quarter ($2.25 for you Americans), and put the money in and picked out a water. However, when I pushed the button it said, "Option unavailable. Pick again."  Well, okay then. So I picked another.  And I got the same message. So I picked once again and got the same message. So I gave up and asked for my money back. Now, I put in two coins. What did I get back? Twenty two dimes and 1 nickle. -_-  Are you freaking serious? I had to stand there as it went, "cachunk, cachunk, cachunk, cachunk, etc etc..." spitting out my money.  Well, after that massive failure, I dumped my large pile of coins into my wallet.

  • Now, the next day I was sitting by the pop machine when this guy walked up to buy a drink. I didn't really think about what had happened to me until I noticed that he hadn't moved in several moments. So I turned and watched him as he picked option after option, obviously getting the same message I did.  Well, after a while, he asked for his money back (and got a small pile of coins, just like me). Now, I thought that was the end of it. I was wrong. Instead of walking away and trying a different machine, he put ALL of his money back in and picks a different number. It doesn't work.  So he pushes a different button.  When this doesn't work, he asks for his money back. And then he does the whole thing all over again!  He went through this process a total of three times! THREE!  He probably would've kept going except for a girl sitting across from me decided to say something. I know I should have said something, but I was laughing too hard into my hoodie to get the words out.
So there you have it. Check in next week for another session of university humour ;)


  1. In the blonde girl's defense, at least she was showing excitement about being in a library. How rare is that?

    Great post, Natalie. I'll be at the kid's university today picking her up for break and I'll definitely keep my ears open for stuff like this. LOL

  2. Totally made me laugh. And the funniest part -- all of those things could have/have happened in my middle school. *sigh* Some people never change, I guess!

  3. LOL. So nice to hear that you're getting an education and a laugh at university. ;D

  4. B.E.- LMAO! Yes, I suppose she was exicted to be there. I just couldnt believe how dumb she was lol. Thank you! I hope you enjoy your time with your daughter!

    Mary- Lol, Im glad you enjoyed. Haha nope. Nothing ever changes.

    Jena- LOL! No kidding. I mean, what's life without some humour? ;)


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