Wednesday, November 23

University Humour

Alright, time for another installment of University Humour....

Incident One:
So the other day I was sitting in my Ancient Peoples and Places class when the oddest thing started to happen… I began to sink. I was leaning on the table when I noticed that I was tilting to one side. When I realized what was happening, I sat up and looked around—I had feared I was falling asleep. Unfortunately, that is a sad occurrence that has happened more than once in this class (my professor likes to make us watch really boring, uneventful movies). But anyway, when I realized I was wide awake and was, in fact, sinking, I glanced down. Lo and behold, I noticed that the table was disappearing into the floor! Yes! Disappearing into the floor! I was sitting by the window and at the base of the wall, several holes had appeared. The table was actually sinking into those holes! I immediately told my friend and tablemate, Stephanie, and we proceeded to pull and tug until the table popped back up onto solid ground.  Well, as you can imagine, I spent the rest of the class eyeing the holes warily. When class finally ended, I decided to crawl around on the floor and check to see how deep the holes were (yes, I know, wise move). Get this, I could put my entire hand inside, but couldn’t touch anything! So yes, the floor tried to eat me. My friend and I told the professor, but it hasn’t been fixed yet. It looks as if the maintenance guys just pulled the carpet up to "hide" the holes...

Incident Two:

Alright, so yesterday I was sitting by the payphone when these two girls walked over. Now, it’s quite unusual to see anyone near the payphone, since most people have cell phones. However, these two girls walked over and started to fiddle with the phone. After watching them for a moment, I realized they didn’t know how to use said phone! The one was listening into the receiver while the other was pressing buttons.  They didn’t seem to realize that you had to put MONEY into the payphone to get it to work. They literally spent several minutes standing there before they actually gave up and left! I couldn’t stop laughing. It made my whole day!

Sorry it’s a short post this week. I’ve been sick the past few days, so I’m running low on energy.


  1. Wow. I'm so glad the floor didn't eat you. That's some scary stuff.

    And those girls... How sad is that? It's a phone, ladies, and it has instructions on it (I assume). It only took my kid a moment to figure out the parking meter and she'd never seen one of those before. :shrug:

  2. LOL. I love this. I once watched for about five minutes while two girls waited for a store door clearly marked "PUSH" to automatically open for them. People are so brilliant. :)

  3. Beth- Lol I know! We dont sit near the window anymore.

    Haha, yes, it was quite amusing. It does have intructions on it, I even glanced to make sure. She'd never seen a parking meter?! Well, I guess you guys arent in a big city, are ya? And of course she figured it out, shes not a dummy! ;)

  4. Faith- LOL I love when that happens. Of course, it also makes me extremely worried for the future of humanity...

  5. Very creepy about the floor. I can't believe you stuck your hand in the hole. You're one brave girl! =)

    Okay those girls are just too sad and funny. Thanks for the laugh.

  6. Jena- Lol either that or stupid. Mum was annoyed with me when I told her. But I was simply too curious to pass up the chance! And yeah, it's so sad, isnt it? It makes me cringe.


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