Monday, February 28

Backup Your Files!

Okay, so we've all heard that we need to backup our files. However, a lot of us don't do it as often as we should. I used to do it once every two weeks... until my netbook died. That's right. Pinky, my lovely pink netbook that I got in October, crashed. I brought it to Best Buy and they were able to recover all of my files, thank gawd. Apparently my hard disk had died.  Now I backup my files every few days. I'm also thinking about doing an online backup.

But the strangest part of this whole story? In the last month and a half, two of my friends also had their computers crash. Unfortunately for them, they lost all of their files.

So the point of this blog post? BACKUP YOUR FILES! Don't wait to do it. Do it NOW.

Thursday, February 24


Hello all!

Since it's been a week since my last post, I thought I'd give you an update!

Okay, so for everyone who has inquired in the last week, Grandad is doing much better. He's still at the hospital, but he's on the mend.  Thank you for all of your warm thoughts and prayers, they've meant a lot. ♥

Next... My own surgery went well. Unfortunately, I don't know many details. When I finally came to at the hospital, my surgeon was too busy to come say hello. I don't see him for another week, so I won't really know how it went until then. Oh well, I suppose, LOL. Anyway, the swelling hasn't been as bad this time around, so yay! As well, I haven't been as dizzy. However, the pain has been 10 x worse than last time. I guess there's always a tradeoff, heheh.

So how have you guys been?? Any exciting news?

Tuesday, February 15

Not A Good Week

Hello guys,

Sorry I've been so absent. It's been so hectic around here. I had 4 midterms in the last two days of classes and 2 essays due in the last three days of classes. It's been a ton of fun...  I've also been running around trying to get everything tied up before my surgery tomorrow.  As well, I found out this morning that Grandad (my fiance's grandfather) had a heart attack. He's had one surgery already today, with another one scheduled for tomorrow.

It's been such a stressful/shitty/awful week already, but it looks like it's just going to get worse. ='(


Thursday, February 3

Awesome Canadian Music

Alright, so my critique partners just informed me that they have no idea who Metric is.  I find this inexcusable. Metric is only one of the best bands of this generation. Not joking. They also happen to be Canadian. Which just makes them that much cooler.

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