Friday, January 27

Diving Back In!

So as the title of this blog post indicates, I am finally diving back into writing creatively. It has been far too long since I last looked at my medieval romance, but I'm trying not to get mad at myself for not working on it. I was super busy and I can't help that. At least I'm opening it back up now =)

Alright, so on Wednesday I opened up my AHR document and read through the first two chapters, adding here and there when I thought of something new. Aside from a few additions (and very small ones at that), I LOVE my story! I truly forgot how much I enjoyed Lachlan and Meara's characters. On some level, I think I made myself forget so that it didn't hurt so much when I was forced to do school work instead of working on my story.  However, I was pleasantly surprised. I think this story rocks. The second I started reading, the entire world melted away and I was once again in the Scottish Highlands. Whole scenes and conversations popped into my head, making me eager to dive back in and start writing again!

I know there will be stress involved, especially in the beginning as I get back into the swing of things, but I'm very excited to be back with my creative writing. Lord, how I missed it.

Have you guys ever taken a long break from writing? What did you find the most difficult about jumping back in?


  1. Good for you. You definitely need to get back to your books. I so want to see you in print.

    I took a major break a few years back, and when I got back to writing, it was less like jumping back in than crawling. I made it all so much harder than it needed to be, but then again, I stopped due to a lack of confidence - not because I was doing anything important, like getting a degree. =o)

  2. Beth- Thanks hun! =) Aww, Im sorry you went through that, but Im glad you're writing now ;) I am a little worried that Im going to stress myself out too much, but Im going to just try and remain calm, LOL.


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