Wednesday, January 25

To Review or Not To Review

I know this question has been brought up numerous times before by other bloggers, but I'd like to hear your take on it.  Do you agree with posting reviews of books you've read? 

Personally, I do post reviews on Amazon and Chapters. However, I do not post them under my name. While I can understand the concerns about posting reviews, I think people have the right to hear opinions about books, whether or not they're positive.  Although many people disagree with 1 star reviews, I admit that I have posted 1 star reviews before, because I have literally despised a book so much that I could not possibly give it more than that. However, I also left detailed reasons why I gave the book a 1 star.  Though to be fair, it is extremely rare for me to dislike a book to that extent. Most of my reviews range between 3 and 5 stars.

So what do you think? Do you post reviews? Why or why not?


  1. I hate hate HATE positing bad reviews anywhere, particularly on the blog because it's there (dun dun dunnn) FOREVER. Even if I feel a book was terrible and should be burned, I know other people might be deprived of something good for them by MY review, so I don't do it.

    HOWEVER, book recommendations are definitely something I love. That way, it's not ramming a book down someone's throat and nobody loses. Hooray!

  2. Caitlin- Yeah, I dont post bad reviews on my blog. However, as I said, I will post them on Amazon or Chapters. I think posting a bad review is okay if it contains logical reasons why. The reviewer can't just bash the book or the author--that's a huge no no. I've still bought books that had bad reviews and loved them. I never base my purchase of a book on reviews; however, I do read them. Sometimes I even wish I had taken the bad review more seriously, because I too disliked the book etc...

  3. I think I've only ever posted one sort of bad-ish review on my blog or anywhere else for that matter. But I see your point. If the one-star review has legitimate reasons why the reviewer hated the book, it's fine. What I hate are reviewers who just say "This book sucks" without saying why.

  4. B.E.- Yeah, it's very rare for me to actually post a bad review. I had to really dislike the book for me to do that. Oh, I agree 100%. I HATE reviews where they just say "this book was awful." I always give legit reasons and I always end it by admitting that it is always about taste--some people like a book while others dont. Just as simple as that =)

  5. I don't like posting reviews, but I do like to read them - even the bad ones, as long as the reviewer has a good reason why they didn't care for the book. If I'm not sure about a new author, I always read the reviews on Amazon to see if the book is worth buying.

  6. Jena- Yeah, Im the same way, which is why I always post reviews. However, I truly dont post many bad reviews. It's only happened a few times a year. =)


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