Wednesday, February 29

Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Shower

Alright, so I thought I would try something new on here! Last week I asked people on Facebook, Twitter, and my Calgary RWA loop about their top picks for first dance songs. I received an overwhelming response, so I thought I would do a weekly blog post about my wedding! Some days I'll ask questions, while other times I'll just provide an update on how things are going! How does that sound?

For today's post, I'm going to ask you guys a question! Since I live in Canada and my fiance lives in Virginia, I'm blessed to be having multiple bridal showers.  My first one is going to be up here in Canada in mid-April sometime. Unfortunately, my maid-of-honor is having troubles coming up with ideas for the bridal shower (none of us have been to very many, so we're not quite sure what we should do).  So, I figured this would be a perfect question to ask you guys!

What were some of your favourite bridal shower games, ideas, themes, party favours etc etc etc...? What were some things you hated?


  1. I'm out on this one. I haven't been to a bridal shower in almost twenty years, and I don't even remember that one. I'd say do whatever makes you happy. And don't let yourself get bullied into having a stripper if you don't want one. (Although, if you do, more power to you.)

  2. Bridal Showers are catching on in the UK. This site might be useful to you.

    Have fun. I went to one and we had to play pin the 'tail' on the Hunk. A little naughty but hilarious when you see where you have pinned his 'tail'. :D

  3. Beth- Yeah, that's the same as my mum. We just aren't all that girly. However, I still want one, LOL! Yeah, I'm not having a bachelorette party *shudders* I don't want strippers or drinking. That's why I'm going this safe route with a bridal shower ;)

  4. Meg- Thanks for all the great suggestions! You reminded me of a few that I'd forgotten about! I'll pass these ideas on to my maid-of-honor =)

  5. Glynis- LOL! Omg, that's hilarious! We might have to do that one, just because. Thanks for chiming in =D


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