Wednesday, March 28

WIP Wednesday: In Which I Talk About My Story & the Publishing World


--I think my story is going really well. I did finish chapter five, then ran into a few problems when I started to read it. It was good, but there wasn’t enough action. So I cut out sections that weren’t necessary and added more dialogue. I hope to finish tonight; I’d like to move on to chapter six, LOL!

 --On the Celtic Hearts loop we discussed grammatical things that always trip us up. Personally, mine is then versus than. I know the definitions and how to use them, but when I’m not thinking about what I’m typing, I get them mixed up. What are some things that trip you up?

--I’ve come to the conclusion that I use my Kindle for editing purposes more than anything else. Although I do read books on there, I still prefer good ol’ paperbacks. Instead, I use my Kindle during my editing process. While working on AHR, I’ve found that if I download my story and read it on my Kindle I can catch more errors and separate myself from my own words. It helps me find the true problem spots so I can work on them later. I don’t know why it works, but I’m not about to question it. Have you guys ever used your Kindle in the same way? If you haven’t, you should try it!

--I’ve noticed a disturbing trend on Facebook and Twitter where people are using old photos of themselves as their profile pictures. And I don’t mean a picture from a few years ago. I mean a picture from the 80s. I have no idea why people think they can get away with this. Trust me, we know that’s you 30 years ago—you aren’t fooling anyone. Have you noticed this?

--I’ve been trying to use my Twitter account more in the last few weeks. I think it’s really working—I forgot how much I enjoy staying in the loop. However, I’ve noticed that a lot of people post WAY too many links every day. I don’t follow the average Tweeter so they can bombard me with links. And really, stop tweeting about where I can buy your books. Once a day is okay, but you look desperate if you tweet any more than that. And even if it’s not your book but a friend’s book that you’re pimping, please stop posting links!!!! I hate it when I scroll down my feed and all I see are links, links, and more links. For the love of God, tell me what you ate for lunch! IT’S FAR MORE INTERESTING, I ASSURE YOU!

I think that covers it for today, LOL! =)


  1. I didn't know you could upload your WIP to your Kindle. But then I don't own a Kindle because I can't make up my mind which to buy.

    I'll have to try this on the app on my computer.

  2. Suzanne- Yep! I've used the app on my computer for editing too. It really works. I just sit there with a pad of paper and a pen and take notes =)


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