Friday, June 8

Fiancé Visa

So if you're on my Facebook or Twitter, you've probably already heard the wonderful news, but I thought I'd post it on here too, since I know I have numerous lurkers... As of yesterday at eleven o'clock in the morning, I have been issued a Fiancé Visa for the United States of America!! After six months, a boatload of paperwork, several hoops, and a mountain of stress, I have finally been accepted.

That doesn't mean I'm done the process (I still have to marry my FH and then change my status to permanent resident), but it does mean that I have been accepted by the American government to marry, live, and work in the USA =) *runs around screaming*


  1. Yay! Can't wait to have you here - even if you're going to be way the heck over there. :hugs:


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