Wednesday, June 27

I'm on Goodreads!

Hello everyone!

Well, I've finally taken the plunge and started using my Goodreads account. I've had it for quite a while but I never did anything with it. Then last week my good friend B.E. Sanderson had a blog post about Goodreads, which inevitably convinced me to use mine. Now a week later I'm neck deep in that addictive site.  So if you have a Goodreads account, feel free to add me. I've really enjoyed getting to see what everyone likes to read =)


  1. Heh. I might've forgotten to mention it's like crack for book lovers. ;o)

  2. Beth- Hehehe, yes you might've forgotten to mention that ;) I knew it was a dangerous site, which is why I avoided it for so long. But after you brought it up, I glanced at it one evening and the next thing I knew, I was using it, LOL!


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