Monday, July 23

New Monday Series

Since my Man Candy Monday posts are no more, I need to come up with a new feature to have on the blog. I’ve been brainstorming and I could do reviews of books I loved (I refuse to do bad reviews on here—in fact, I’ve stopped posting negative reviews anywhere). I could also do reviews of movies, specifically medieval-esk movies, for my medieval romance writers out there. Of course, that one is kind of geared towards one group in particular, but I could always tweak it to just include all movies.

Alright, my brainstorming session didn’t go very well, because that’s all I came up with. Do you guys have any suggestions??  I loved MCM because I could prepare them a month in advance and not worry about them—in essence, it was quick and painless. So any suggestions would be lovely =)


  1. I've never been good at having a sustained feature on my blog. I had Wicked Awesome Author Wednesday going for a little while there - you could try something like that. "Marvelously Awesome Author Monday" or MA'AM. ;o) (Although that might make male authors a little emasculated.)

    Basically I picked an author I loved and gushed about them and their books once a week.

  2. Beth- I wasn't good at it either until MCM *sighs dramatically* Honestly, I don't really read male authors lol. There might be one or two in the YA pile, or in the fantasy pile, but it is very rare.

  3. How about reviews of historical movies set in all eras?

  4. Jen- Hmm, that could work. I do enjoy all historical movies. I shall have to consider this =)


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